Interbike 2012: Hutchinson Cyclocross Tubulars In Stock & Shipping, More


Hutchinson announced their Toro and Black Mamba tubular cyclocross tires this summer, and now they’re available and in public view.

Retail on both is $119.99. Both are 700x32c with a 127tpi casing. The Toro comes in at 310g and is designed for mud. The Black Mamba is designed for dry/frozen terrain and lists at 400g.


Also presented this summer as the Intensive Road Tubeless tire, the monstrous 700x28c road tire revives the Top Speed model name. They switched names to reduce potential confusion between it, which is a true road tubeless tire, and the Intensive “tubeless ready” tire. Retail is $99, available in February.


Phil - 09/21/12 - 6:01pm

So the intensive tubeless is now the top speed? And there is another intensive that is tubeless “ready”?

That last bit made no sense…

jdog - 09/22/12 - 7:39pm

I may be doubtful that the 28c tubeless will be (MONSTROUS!!) that big considering that their current intensive 25c measure more like a 23c. Truth be told, this 28c may prove very popular since it may really measure like a 26c.

Jason - 09/23/12 - 12:20pm

Phil, the Intensive Tubeless remains the same.
The Top Speed (seen here with an Intensive logo) is Tubeless Ready. It was developed for FDJ and Europcar to use during the Spring Classics and is now available to the public too.
It DOES measure a true 28c width and weighs 295 grams.

T.Guy - 01/20/13 - 1:04am

Now it’s mid January, does anyone know where to get these 28c Top Speed tubeless tires yet?

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