Interbike 2012: Cygolite shows off 12,000 Lumen Water Cooled Light just because

Cygolite 12000 Lumins Light 1

While perusing the show floor at this years Interbike I happened upon Cygolite’s booth. Sitting on the table was a monstrosity of a light, so I had to inquire. I was informed it was a water cooled 12,000 lumen light using Cree LED’s. They have no plans to produce a light like this. But sometimes you just have to make things to make them right?

Past the break you get two more images…

Cygolite 12000 Lumins Light 3

Cygolite 12000 Lumins Light 2


Ripnshread - 09/21/12 - 11:20pm

That is an awesome idea. You got to ride to keep it cool but you can ride as fast as you want whenever you want cause it will even light up the shadows. Sweet.

Mr. P - 09/21/12 - 11:39pm

Very cool! Computer nerds will be proud!


Robert - 09/22/12 - 12:15pm

iv been riding around with 2X niterider 3600s and 2X niterider 3000s (just because i can) but the whole setup is really heavy… its really nice for riding around on the streets, for visibility, and the cops havent hassled me too much yet.
it would be nice to have an F-U-Bright light thats more compact…. sounds dumb, but if they had something like that for sale…. i would probably buy two..

Bill C - 09/23/12 - 9:57am


I call bullsh*t.

Chipollini - 09/26/12 - 12:30am

Le-me-see some pics Rob : ) … Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a…

Chipollini - 09/26/12 - 12:32am


Greg J. - 09/27/12 - 10:07pm

Ridiculous, but kind of cool.
Wonder how much water has to circulate so it doesn’t get heated up?? Maybe make some coffee after your ride..

j koch - 09/29/12 - 2:50am

yeah! i want one of these bad boys.

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