Watch this snowboard mountain bike hybrid get a shredder back on the slopes

Tim Ostler lost the use of his legs in a tragic halfpipe accident twelve years ago and hasn’t been able to ride a snowboard in twelve years. With a little ingenuity from his friends at Signal Snowboards and some insight from CrankBrothers, this shredder is back on the slopes.

The mountain bike wheels and the custom seat are mounted on skateboard trucks which pivot to allow the rider to carve. The wheels are wrapped in studded tires for stability and the functioning disc brakes give the pilot an extra level of control.

There are other adaptive designs available, like the sit skii, but according to the clip the experience isn’t quite the same as carving on a snowboard.


HWNSNBS - 09/20/12 - 4:54pm

Thats Awesome, nice work to all! Ostler’s got a great attitude, very inspiring.

Chris - 09/20/12 - 5:22pm

Very nice!

Ostler…not Oslow

Saris - 09/20/12 - 5:25pm

My nemesis autocorrect strikes again! Updated.

Bob - 09/20/12 - 5:27pm

Needs Fat Bike Tires!!

Gillis - 09/20/12 - 10:05pm

anything that gets moving so they can get rad again to awesome in my book.

Speedy - 09/20/12 - 10:52pm

Hell Yes!

Coloradocyclist rider - 09/21/12 - 12:36am

Awesome vid. My next snowboard is a signal. What an awesome company to do these types of things every month. My next components are Crank bros…I can only imagine the feeling Ostler got when he was finally shredding.

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