Interbike 2012: Shibuya!

Say it with me:  SHIBUYA! 

That’s the name of SDG’s newest and most eye-catching saddle collection (colorway).  Urban digital camo “Matrix” and American flag/ Evil Kenevil “Anthem” collections are also available.


Johny Butts - 09/20/12 - 10:31am

Looks like Team Party Time needs a saddle sponsor.

Canucklehead - 09/20/12 - 11:07am

The 80s called, they want their colour scheme back.

WV Cycling - 09/20/12 - 11:14am

I like the shape of their Duster and Fly saddles, but aren’t these VELO rebadges?

uglyyeti - 09/20/12 - 11:29am

What corner of Shibuya inspired that color scheme – the candy aisles in Don Quijote? It would certainly match any Dave Scott Ironman ever produced.

Troll Face - 09/20/12 - 12:15pm

I want to see the Evil Knievel saddle! ‘Merica. F Ya!

Pancakes - 09/20/12 - 4:33pm

Canucklehead- While you’re back there, can you give the 90s their joke back?


Pancakes - 09/20/12 - 6:26pm

Sorry, thought I was witty.


Saris - 09/20/12 - 6:37pm

@Pancakes. I thought it was funny…

Pancakes - 09/20/12 - 9:49pm

Thanks :)

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