Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Reflecting Pool, D.C.

bikerumor pic of the day washington dc reflecting pool

Photo submitted by Hikari, “Finally the construction finished after 2 long years.”

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Surly Seabear - 09/19/12 - 9:14am

Riden there many quite often…its awesome at 2300…and very nice at dawn!

rpdupre - 09/19/12 - 10:07am

Going there this week with the King College Cycling Team… too bad I can’t take my bikes :(

Kristibee - 09/19/12 - 10:38am

rpdupre – they have a Bikeshare in DC. The team should check it out!

earlybird - 09/19/12 - 10:39am

Great bike, nice pic.
Every bike looks better from the driveside, though.

C'mon! - 09/19/12 - 11:31am

2 years & you didn’t bother to research how to set up your bars?! C’mon!

Pat - 09/19/12 - 11:40am

White shoes after Labor Day?
Fashion faux pas!

WannaBeSTi - 09/19/12 - 1:37pm

rpdupre- Tell TJ he’s a punk and that RCB says I love you.

Paul in VA - 09/19/12 - 3:04pm

Good trialsin’ in them thar parts….

Pablo Tan Santa - 09/20/12 - 2:35am

non drive side fail.

highfructosecorn - 09/20/12 - 2:36am

Bar setup looks fine to me. Considering how many pros have weird tilts with shifters super high or super low on the bars… this looks pretty normal.

I have this bike in this same beautiful robin’s egg blue. :)

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