e*thirteen Shows New Carbon Fiber Backed Chainguides for DH & XC/Trail

e-thirteen carbon fiber chainguides and bash guards

e*thirteen is developing two new lightweight, carbon fiber backed chainguides for DH and XC/trail.

The LG1 Race (right) is a carbon backplate version of the LG1 bashguard chainguide. They started working on it to save weight, the carbon backplate will be about 70% of the weight of the alloy plate.

The other reason for the carbon is that it has about 130% of the alloy version’s impact strength and stiffness. This one’s shown with a 3k weave finish, but production models will be compression molded and have a unidirectional fiber finish.

36 and 40 tooth max models will be available at launch, and a 32t max will likely come later. It’ll only be available as ISCG03/05 mounts only since it’s aimed at the DH crowd.

Weights, pics and more below…

e-thirteen carbon fiber chainguides and bash guards

The new TRS Dual Race (left) is an ultralight dual ring guide. The top section keeps the chain from dropping to the inside of the rings and the lower guide just keeps it from dropping in general. The lower guide pivots open to make it easier to get the chain inside it.

e-thirteen carbon fiber chainguides and bash guards

It’ll be available with ISCG03/05 and BB mount versions.

Both should be out around the first of the year. Pricing TBD.
e-thirteen carbon fiber chainguides and bash guards

Both are preproduction models but should be about the same as shown here for the final versions.

e-thirteen carbon fiber chainguides and bash guards


What - 09/19/12 - 12:50am

nice looking, but for the weight savings to price increase over alloy, I don’t think this will be a worthy upgrade.

Erich - 09/19/12 - 9:50am

I find this amusing as one of my best friends worked closely with Evil/e13 in their infancy and has some of the original carbon prototype back plates from 2001. That’s definitely quite the gap from proto to production.

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