Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Riding On Skyline Drive – Front Royal, VA

bikerumor pic of the day Riding on Skyline Drive, Front Royal, VA

Photo submitted by HC Lee, “Picture taken at Jenkins Gap (about 12 miles from main northern entrance of Shenandoah National Park). Skyline Dr. was picked by as one of the top 10 US road biking routes.”

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Patrick - 09/18/12 - 7:42am

Really? Zipps on Skyline? Sigh….

Psi Squared - 09/18/12 - 7:50am

Obviously, Patrick, they need someone there to dictate what is appropriate cycling style and what isn’t. I nominate you.

HL - 09/18/12 - 7:52am

Thanks bikerumor for posting my pic.


I’m very poor; I can only afford one wheelset.

Karl - 09/18/12 - 8:06am

This just looks awful! nice bike let down by someone who doesn’t appreciate suffering.

burt - 09/18/12 - 10:03am

Seat’s too low.

MulletRacer - 09/18/12 - 10:08am

Thats a pretty expensive Fredcycle.

Patrick - 09/18/12 - 10:11am

Excellent Psi, I will publish my list of what is appropriate and what is not.
I will expect strict compliance to any and all standards set in the cycling fashion
laws of 2012.

Also HL, if you are so poor would Zipps really be the best choice for economy? 😉
Last time I checked, the Zipp fairy wasn’t leaving wheelsets under pillows….

Cycling Fashion Rules:
#1. No sleeveless jersey’s…unless you just swam the first leg of your triathalon
and are now on the bike leg.

#2. Wear socks and gloves…again, unless you are competing in a tri

#3. Don’t do triathalons

#4. Don’t wear compression socks on the bike…or with khaki shorts to the mall.

#5. Before you dress yourself for a ride please ask yourself, “what would lance do?”

#6. Carbon wheels must be tubular, and ridden ONLY on race day (or if you are too lazy)
to adjust your brakes because your training wheels are 19 mm, and your race wheels are
wider…man what a pain.

#7. Do whatever you want, dress however you want, ride whatever you want…but just know that
there are haters out there….and they (Myself) will mess with you!

JT - 09/18/12 - 11:31am

hahahaha awesome rules man

Michael - 09/18/12 - 12:02pm

Fail on the Lance being stylish comment… Visit for a true break down of rules on how to look good.

You also neglected the bike itself, which is the subject of said photo: (reference these rule numbers in the above link)
Rule #26
Rule #34
Rule #44
Rule #45
Rule #46
Rule #78
Rule #90

Michael - 09/18/12 - 12:03pm

Forgot Rule #74 in the above post.

Patrick - 09/18/12 - 2:23pm

Too bad nobody follows rule 15 anymore…

dan - 09/18/12 - 6:19pm

Wiggins kind of followed #15. Alberto not so much.

nick - 09/18/12 - 7:16pm

@ patrick…

hahaha… what would Lance do? i can’t see EPO in the picture.

Lance has no style on the bike! What would Miller do, what would Voeckler do, what would Pippo do… or heaven forbid… WHAT WOULD CIPO DO?????

Michael - 09/18/12 - 10:52pm

Super Mario would do that ^

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