OSMO Improves Packaging, Adds Single Serves for Active Hydration


OSMO has changed up their packaging with a larger bag for Acute Recovery to make it easier to scoop out the product. Same volume of product, just easier to get at…we’re hoping the other items get the same update.

New single serves are shipping now for Active hydration product in Organic Blackberry and Organic Orange, too. Retail is $1.50, each mixes up 16oz.


Lester Barnwell - 09/17/12 - 6:07pm

Yeah it’s so difficult to take a single serving from the bulk pack. Let’s waste all sorts of resources with individual wrappings of individual servings, because Modern e-Riding Yuppies imagine they need the “convenience.”

Way to be skeptically detached, BikeRumor!

Aaron - 09/17/12 - 6:24pm

Maybe some people don’t want to buy a bulk package of a product they’ve never tried.

Way to overreact, Lester!

Leah - 09/17/12 - 6:30pm

I wish they had these single servings when I bought osmo to try the stuff. It would have saved me $$ because osmo tastes horrible.

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