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first flight bicycles

Photo from the collection of Jeff Archer of First Flight Bicycles. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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scissorhands - 09/17/12 - 7:04am

Look like original Avid Tri A-line brakes

seth samson - 09/17/12 - 7:05am

Those look like a set of onza canti brakes.

Alan - 09/17/12 - 7:50am

Marinovative ?

adam - 09/17/12 - 7:55am

looks like a paul stoplight mc

dicky - 09/17/12 - 7:55am

I’ve got a pair of red ones in my “box of shit I refuse to get ride of ever.”

Also in photo, stock Tri Dangle.

Chris S. - 09/17/12 - 8:11am

I was thinking onza’s but it seems to me that they only had the one brake post bolt, not two….. Could they be a set of Paul’s?

David - 09/17/12 - 8:20am

I’ll say Avid tri align III too

Spaught - 09/17/12 - 8:33am

Avid Tri-Aligns, front wheel specifically (rear’s were a little shorter for better heal clearance). Best cantilever brakes I’ve ever ridden. Have a set on each of my cross bikes.

carl - 09/17/12 - 8:34am


Danny A. - 09/17/12 - 8:38am

Definitely an Avid Tri Align with the Tri Dangle and Kool Stop Eagle Claw pads

Bas - 09/17/12 - 8:38am

That are a set of Avid Tri Aling canti’s, had them on my bike for years!! Great brakes!!

will - 09/17/12 - 8:48am

Definitely Avid Tri-Aligns. The Tri-Dangle gives it away if the rest doesn’t… I still have some purple tri-dangles on my ‘cross bike.

Marc - 09/17/12 - 9:02am

Those brakes are sexy

Joey Steele - 09/17/12 - 9:20am

Definitely Avid Tri-aligns. Notice how the spring adjustment is very similar to the current Avid Ultimate brakes. I had a pair of those years ago and loved them.

Chris - 09/17/12 - 10:01am

I think are Grafton’s.

Framex - 09/17/12 - 10:20am

Avid Tri Align with the Tri Dangle , I agree, the best canti ever made.
The only ones I was able to set up perfectly.

BK - 09/17/12 - 11:14am

Yup. Avid Tri-Aligns. Now can I have them?

Pat - 09/17/12 - 11:30am

I still have a pair of these installed on my 1990 Merlin frame, which I converted to SS. Work nice with Mavic ceramic rims and a pair of blue ano Altek levers. Old skool goodness.

Gummee! - 09/17/12 - 11:39am

They’re NOT OnZa brakes. I have a bag of those in my ‘bin o stuff’ Some of em are even useable! IOW the pad holders haven’t cracked. VERY easy to set up.

Uberdave - 09/17/12 - 1:01pm

Avid Tri Align, I once had a pair in purple

Steve M - 09/17/12 - 1:38pm

Those little tri-dangles sure started a big company.

ronny hörmann - 09/17/12 - 2:49pm

this an old school canti-brake – named paul´s brake. cool …

Devian - 09/17/12 - 2:52pm

old school short post Tri-Aligns

soes with buzz saws, porcupines, in the day Suntour MicroDrive, and Cook Bros eCranks

Chris 68 - 09/17/12 - 3:38pm

Of course, Avid Tri Align! So beautiful and easy do install!!
Graftons brake levers were blades with holes and onza did have the same design to rhe brake mount and brake pads.

Joel - 09/17/12 - 3:47pm

Avid Tri Align! Better than V’s…

Frank Fiets - 09/17/12 - 4:27pm

Avid Tri-align judiging by the length front brakes! There still running strong on my Attitude with Ultimate levers offcourse!

Doug - 09/17/12 - 7:01pm

Avid Tri-To-Align. Ha.

Phillip - 09/17/12 - 9:02pm

Avid Tri Align with Tri Dangles

Coloradocyclist rider - 09/17/12 - 10:26pm

Pauls brakes….awesome goodness. These bad boys were some of the most expensive cantis around back in the day

Lancelotlink17 - 09/17/12 - 11:35pm


Kristibee - 09/18/12 - 8:23am

Answer from Jeff at First Flight Bicycles: “Avid Tri-Align Brakes”

Sprinting4Signs - 09/19/12 - 4:09pm

They look like Gravity Research Pipe Dreams, or where they Rim Crushers? Avid Tri Dangle and some Kool Stop pads. I figure they are from around ’93.

matt - 09/21/12 - 11:16am

Marin lites. From Marin Bicycles. Nice brakes!

kurti_sc - 09/26/12 - 1:02pm

@sprinting4signs – the Gravity Research Pipe Dreams were squared off on the top and seems to me, I recall they had 1 adjusting screw for the post and one for the pad, not two together like these. The PipeDreams were AWESOME. My bike with them on there was stolen several years back…that’s one of the things I do miss.

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