Aaron Gwins Death Star Trek Session 9.9

Aaron Gwin cemented the overall world cup title with two races left in the season. To commemorate the accomplishment Trek World Racing and Gwin’s other sponsors built a new rig for the final round in Norway.

Unfortunately, a crash during practice kept him from racing, but you can still skip past the break and ogle his bike.

It’s the small details that count. Like these black anodized caps.

Custom Fox 40 decals, chrome Saint calipers, and Bontrager G4 tire.


WG - 09/16/12 - 2:18pm

I’m actually a roadie but this bike is so HOT.

Pmurf - 09/16/12 - 2:25pm

Chrome on black? Yes please.

MissedThePoint - 09/16/12 - 2:56pm

I got shocked when I just read the first 3 words.

mike - 09/16/12 - 4:37pm

wait… so what happened on star trek???

HWNSNBS - 09/16/12 - 5:18pm

…I think its pretty obvious that Aaron Gwin died on Star Trek stardate: 9.9.

dale - 09/16/12 - 5:25pm

Was this the one on which the brakes failed? Damn bad luck for Gwin. He’s cursed.

Rich - 09/16/12 - 8:19pm

Im pretty sure this is yesterday’s news on pink bike. It seems like there is a two day delay from pinkbike to br

Dockboy - 09/17/12 - 9:48am

This bike is sick. Now to geek out: The Death Star was the giant moon-laser starbase from STAR WARS, not Star Trek. Just sayin’.

Warp - 09/17/12 - 10:09am

Funny how a black bike causes so much shock and people going “Aahhhh!!!”

Black is the new black. Always was, always will.

plebs - 09/17/12 - 4:54pm

It’s hideous. Not really – I love the way downhill bikes only look in proportion pointing down.

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