Reset Racing’s Nifty Shock Pump Valve Adapter Keeps PSI in Check – Plus More Goodies

Reset Racing is another of the German brands I love checking out at Eurobike. They make cool things like this shock pump valve chuck. Called the Air Port EVO, it’s updated for 2013 with a new dual-action, twin bezel design that provides better (silver is original, new EVO is blue). Thread your shock pump onto the black threads, then dial down the blue bezel to attach it to your shock or fork.

From there, you tighten the black bezel to open the airway between pump and suspension. Get the PSI/Bar just right -these things make all the difference, don’t ya know- then turn the small black bezel again to close the airway. Once that’s done, you can remove the chuck from the suspension without any air loss. Perfectionists rejoice.

They also have new headset parts that let you run a tapered fork in at straight 1.5″ headtube.

Reset Racing machined alloy headset spacers

These aren’t new, just cool. Machined alloy headset spacers come in plenty of colors and make saving a few grams look even better.


Max - 09/15/12 - 11:31am

Reset Racing Bottom Braket and Headset, mount & forget

naytan - 09/15/12 - 1:43pm

“Called the Air Port EVO, it’s updated for 2013 with a new dual-action, twin bezel design that provides better (silver is original, new EVO is blue).”

I also is the provide on many happy excursion to (the grass is green).

MissedThePoint - 09/15/12 - 2:36pm

The Topeak DXG shock pump has a similar valve design.

Stunt Man Mike. - 09/15/12 - 5:53pm

Yep, Topeak have had their design out on the market for years and it works perfectly.

greg - 09/15/12 - 10:39pm

performance and planet bike have been selling a similar shock pump head as well. and a long time ago there was the “no-loss” air fitting recommended by the Englund Total Air guys- remember them? the one nice thing about this one is its 90degree swivel mount, which could help get air in shocks put in tight places.

Lester Barnwell - 09/16/12 - 1:43pm

Why would someone be concerned about losing the air that sits in their pump’s chamber?

Shocks and forks have what are functionally 1-way valves — they don’t release air unless you depress the schrader’s center pin. There is no “lost air” from the fork or shock when you disconnect a pump. The only air you “lose” is air that is stored by the pump’s chamber.

Fools are swayed by these gadgets! They’re completely un-necessary.

Stunt Man Mike. - 09/16/12 - 9:22pm

“Why would someone be concerned about losing the air that sits in their pump’s chamber?”

Because that’s where the pump gauge takes it’s reading from. Please figure out the rest yourself.

greg - 09/16/12 - 10:40pm

i completely agree, now. in the earlier days, schrader valve pin depth varied a lot more. occasionally you’d have a valve where the pin protrudes past the threads. sometimes the sealing element in the pump would wear out, so it wouldnt seal until you screwed it on much farther. in these cases, it was essentially impossible to consistently air up the suspension. removing the pump would first unseal the head, THEN release the pin. these gadgets just make sure it’s working correctly regardless of pin depth.

Lester Barnwell - 09/17/12 - 11:05am

Holy frijole.

Stunt Man Mike, your supposedly relevant “fact” is completely irrelevant to the issue of the shock “losing” air.

This little item is designed to “prevent” the supposed “loss” of air from the shock when you disconnect the pump.

It’s un-necessary.

I’m well aware the shock pump gauge reads based on the shock pump chamber’s pressure. That changes nothing.

Nothing like pretending at internet superiority and bicycle wisdom when you possess neither, Mike.

Put on the shock pump. Pump to desired PSI. Or pump above target PSI and bleed down. Either way works. When you disconnect the pump, you’re not fouling the shock at all.

This should be simple and intuitive, but apparently there are lots of hamfists and idiots who don’t get it, and fabricate problems where they don’t even exist.

Snake oil sales, with Stunt Man Mike!

Is BikeRumor a site for people who don’t know anything about bikes, who don’t ride bikes, who don’t own bikes, who merely “admire” or worship bikes via internet browsing?

Seems that way.

I stop here for comedy several times a week. Thanks for the laughs, as always.

Stunt Man Mike. - 09/17/12 - 7:37pm

Ok. I sincerely hope you find happiness soon. Try riding; it works for me :)

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