Storck Introduces Aernario Aero Road Bike, New Alloy 29er & Carbon 650B MTBs, Updated Aero2 Triathlon Bike, More

2013 Storck Aernario aero road bike

Storck, the German brand known for some rather lightweight production road bikes and innovative brake integration, has slipped into the aero road bike game with their new Aernario 1.0.

At first glance, it doesn’t jump out as an aero bike, and for many riders, that’s likely a big plus. Tube shapes are a triangular aero shape that has a decidedly blunter leading edge than most at first glance, but if you cut it on the horizontal plane, it would be much more tear drop shaped. And Storck’s rep says it’s very stiff.

Ride through the break for the rest of their 2013 highlights…

2013 Storck Aernario aero road bike

The downtube shape is like a rounded triangle if you’re cutting it perpendicular to the the tube, but slice it as the wind sees it and it’s a different story. This basic tube shape carries over to the rest of the bike, too.

2013 Storck Aero2 TT triathlon road bike

The new Aero 2 is a more basic TT bike that does away with their frame integrated brakes and gets a standard fork.

2013 Storck Aero2 TT triathlon road bike

It’s both electronic and mechanical shifting ready. In fact, across the line, All 2013 bikes will be both electronic and mechanical compatible and get PF BBs.

Price is half the Aero, coming in at €3,999 for the frameset (post, headset, frame and fork). Frameset weight is as low as 2,690g.

2013 Storck Fascenario ultra lightweight road bike

Fascenario 0.6 won the Eurobike racing bike award and has been built up as light as 12lbs. Has frame-integrated brakes and includes THM’s carbon Power Arms crankset and THM Scapula fork. Frameset with fork and headset is 1,750g.

2013 Storck Rebel Seven carbon fiber 29er hardtail mountain bike

The Rebel Seven is a new 27.5/650B mountain bike hardtail that comes in at 1,090g.

2013 Storck Rebel Seven carbon fiber 29er hardtail mountain bike

It borrows some of the tube shaping lessons they learned about frame stiffness developing the Aernario, so it gets a subtly aero cross section, but mainly focused on power transfer. It follows the prior introduction of the Rebel Nine 29er.

2013 Storck Zero2Nine alloy 29er hardtail mountain bike

The alloy Zero2Nine hardtail gets a thick set of stays matched to a rectangular downtube that goes from taller to wider as it goes from the headtube to the downtube.

2013 Storck Zero2Nine alloy 29er hardtail mountain bike

Both seat- and chain stays are flattened a bit in the middle to provide a bit of comfort.


Louis - 09/13/12 - 12:48pm

STORCK! Your Dentist’s dream bike.

mat - 09/13/12 - 4:35pm

its my dream bike and i’m certainly not a dentist.

Pete - 09/13/12 - 6:48pm

“Fascenario 0.6 … Frameset with fork and headset is 1,750g.”
So a <800g frame, plus a <300g fork (about 1kg so far), plus a headset, equals 1750g?
You sure they didn't mean 1075g?

Pete - 09/13/12 - 9:06pm

Most probably a typo with the weight listing, would be good to see what it really weighs……probably the same as all the rest these days. Ho hum, another light bike….I’m off to wash my hair.

greg - 09/13/12 - 9:56pm

if by “di2 ready” you mean it requires the long battery tray and a ziptie to support it, i’ll pass

Ernst - 10/15/12 - 10:48am

@Tyler/Pete: it is frame, fork, headset AND crank…

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