Kali Protectives Adds Full Body Armor (For Europe!), Updates Maha Helmet

2013 Kali Protectives Jiiva full body armor for freeride and downhill mountain biking

Kali’s done bulky hard shell body armor suits before called the Astra and Sarpa, but they’re getting replaced by the new Jiiva in Europe.

The Jiiva will have soft and hard armor models. The hard sided version gets chest, shoulder, elbow and full length back protection with TPR and ABS plates throughout. The soft version just does without the hard outer shells but keeps the same protection points.

Want it in the US? Let ’em know. They’re finalizing some features and some loud crying might speed things up, or so we hear.

2013 Kali Protectives Jiiva full body armor for freeride and downhill mountain biking

2013 Kali Protectives Jiiva full body armor for freeride and downhill mountain biking

2013 Kali Protectives Aziz Veda elbow and knee pads get a new rasta color scheme option

Don’t need/want full body coverage? The Aziz knee pad gets new materials on the side pad covers to improve durability. Both it and the Veda elbow armor get new colors including the limited edition Rasta colors.

2013 Kali Protectives Maha DJ skate urban bicycle helmet

Their Maha helmet gets a complete makeover with a proprietary shell and shape. In the helmet business, you can order stock shells and put your own graphics on it…and it’s a surprisingly common practice from what we hear. Kali did that with the original Maha, but founder Brad Waldron’s kid was riding it and still managed to cut his forehead in a wipeout. Bummed that the stock profile failed, he redesigned it to provide fuller coverage that sits low on the forehead, temple and back of skull. And they come in cool colors.

Weight is 377g on our scale, about 20g lighter than before. It has an ABS shell with EPS foam inside. Retail is just $29. It’s cool, but just wait until you see what they have coming out next!


Jim - 09/11/12 - 11:14pm

My shop orders Maha’s and Chakra’s from these guys for commuters. If you do orders for a shop and are thinking about checking out Kali stuff, it’s worth noting that these guys have incredible customer service. They ship fast, they fix mistakes, they’re flexible. A++. I’m sure I sound like a shill, but I honestly just love working with folks who care about getting things done right.

I also ride with a chakra, it’s comfy. Super comfy.

Saris - 09/12/12 - 3:45am

@Jim. The new Kali Chakra is an amazing helmet for the price.

trinidad - 09/13/12 - 12:41am

I think they make good stuff but I’m a grown-ass man. I can’t ride around with that cheesy comic book super hero logo all over my gear and helmet.

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