Abus Intros Granit Extreme 59 U-Lock, Big Cash For Big Security

Abus Granit Extreme 69 U Lock

The Granit Extreme 59 u-lock is the newest addition by Abus and it’s shaping up as a be-all end-all solution for bike security. At least we hope. That’s because MSRP is $279.99.

Total weight is about 6 lbs, and it’s packed with a ton of tech to protect against thieves. Technically, the Granit Extreme 59 is in Abus’ motorcycle lock category, but they’re also marketing the lock to cyclists that care about serious security. It features a 16mm squared shackle, something Abus claims to be more secure than round shackles, and an extreme arch is said to provide extra security from pulling attacks on the lock.  The locking mechanism itself is certified Sold Secure Gold (the highest) and comes with two keys — one with an led light and one without. Also, they’re offering it in two sizes, a 310 x 111 x 16mm, and a 260 x 111 x 16mm.

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Abus Ketaro 505 U-lock

Ok, so not as exorbitant as the previous lock, but this still looks solid. The Ketaro 505 features an arched 13mm steel shackle and a steel lock body that promises for high security. Weight is 1250g. It’s not on the Abus website yet, and MSRP is set at $89.99.



MikeP - 09/11/12 - 12:28am

Abus locks just rule, and if you like to mount your locks…the brackets actually work and don’t break!

Mindless - 09/11/12 - 2:18am

My commuter bike is cheaper

Gunnstein - 09/11/12 - 3:22am

To avoid bike theft, make sure your lock is worth more than your bike, and/or weighs more.

Max - 09/11/12 - 3:40am

Great Locks but a Biciyle with expensive parts will loose all parts or the thieves will cut frame and Wheel and not the Lock :(

one speed - 09/11/12 - 5:54am

may be rock solid, but it looks like a cheap and flimsy lock to me

Apostolis Non Kiriakou - 09/11/12 - 10:37am


MissedThePoint - 09/11/12 - 11:50am

And a mini hack saw would still likely cut through in about a min.

Apostolis Non Kiriakou - 09/11/12 - 12:29pm

i’m not sure about the mini hack saw but if you have something like this you can cut it in seconds….

Cordless Angle Grinder

Androo - 09/11/12 - 1:27pm

Yeah, you’d definitely need an angle grinder, and it will probably take a minute (with lots and lots of sparks), but that’s just as defeatable as any other lock on the market. Get something cheaper. Or better yet, two of something cheaper and lock both wheels. Make them work for it.

MikeP - 09/12/12 - 1:47am

because of the square shackle Abus locks ahve to be cut on both sides,,,if you cut only one side it wont open enough to get it off and the shackle doesn’t rotate like other locks… two cuts = twice the time…a battery powered angle grind is likely to die before both cuts can be made…

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