Time Hopped Up on New Xpresso Road Pedals & Prototype Disc Brake Fluidity Road Bike, More

2013 Time Xpresso road bike pedals

Time’s new Xpresso road pedal uses a wide platform with adjustable Q-factor to optimize your position. It also has a very low stack height on the clip in side to get your sole as close to the axle as possible. The key feature, the one that lends the model name, is an “automatic pre-opening of the engagement mechanism” to ease release.

It’ll come in five models ranging from 224g to 155g per pair for the top of the line “12” Ti-Carbon model.

All but the lowest version use a carbon blade for the retention spring, the other uses a composite leaf spring. The bar that crosses the leaf spring has a triangular center section that’s a different height on each edge. Turn it using an allen wrench on the side and it’ll change the pedal’s retention force.

More pics of the pedals and cleats below, plus some great looking prototype bikes!

2013 Time Xpresso road bike pedals

They have a 15° release angle and +/-5° of rotational float with 2.5mm lateral float.

2013 Time Xpresso road bike pedals

Here’s the high end carbon ti version.

2013 Time Xpresso road bike pedals

Prototype 2013 Time VRS Fluidity disc brake road bike

Time introduced their Fluidity endurance road bike last year, and now they’re considering a disc brake version.

Prototype 2013 Time VRS Fluidity disc brake road bike

The fork looks pretty good with internal cable/hose routing.

Prototype 2013 Time VRS Fluidity disc brake road bike

The rear brake mount looks a bit like it’s tacked on, but by keeping the brakes mounts off most of the seat- and chainstays, it lets them flex as intended to provide the comfortable ride. It’ll remain to be seen how it affects braking performance.

Prototype 2013 Time VRS Fluidity disc brake road bike

Time’s Di2/EPS battery mount hooks to the frame with just a single bolt, then holds the battery sideways.

prototype 2013 Time flat bar track bike

They also had this flat bar track bike that’s likely much more prototype than possible production model. Gorgeous, though…check out the frame shaping around the head tube:

prototype 2013 Time flat bar track bike



Speedy - 09/09/12 - 6:36pm

That track bike is neat looking, but why the hell did they display it with a front brake!?!?! Don’t they understand what the hipsters really want. Because that is who buys TIME bikes right?

Frank - 09/09/12 - 10:41pm

Last time I checked, Campagnolo Pista wheels do not have a brake track.

mike - 09/10/12 - 12:24am

Why even bother making a pedal with more stack height than speedplay. seriously.

Kiwi bro - 09/10/12 - 3:14am

Why is the front brake Shimano when the rest of the bike is Campag equipped?

Meta - 09/10/12 - 4:04am

After the failed 2 iterations of iclic rubbish, they decided to change the name and copy a bit from the crappy Look pedals. I’m certain these pedals will aslo suck.

Andy - 09/10/12 - 5:51am

Any pics etc of the revised ATACs?

Warp - 09/10/12 - 7:13am

Flame suit on… Funny how DH’ers are more concerned about stack height of pedals than roadies.

Are those prototype Shimano road discs? Not that they need to modify much from any of their mechanical disc brakes anyways.

Steve M - 09/10/12 - 10:16am

I have been riding Times for twenty years and they are about they only pedal I can forsee using in the future. The IClics are a joke…….Went back to the R series pedal which rules. ATAC on the mountain bike are idiot proof.

Mafiaaa - 09/17/12 - 5:04am

“155g per pair for the top of the line “12? Ti-Carbon model”

YES, weight verified at 152.7g as you can see here :


Stephen - 11/28/12 - 12:16pm

I’ve used the iclics since they first came out and haven’t had any problems with them at all. I prefer them to the RXS pedals. The iclic cleats have stood up very well for me. I tried speedplay but gave up on them after constant problems engaging, and poor customer support from the company.

Rick - 01/28/13 - 1:18pm

I’ve been using tbt pedals for years. Do the current Time pedals offer that kind of multi directional float?

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