Meet the Fliz – A German Engineered Inverted Scoot Bike We Didn’t See at Eurobike

Because pedaling and coasting is sooo much harder. While we applaud innovation and outside-the-bike thinking, this video pretty sums it up. Click through for pics, official website is here.


Loyd flanders - 09/07/12 - 7:30pm

The old yellow German bondage bike, looks like the cross between a bicycle and a sex swing….I like it!!

Psi Squared - 09/07/12 - 7:37pm

And the velocipede is back in fashion…..or not.

michael - 09/07/12 - 10:01pm

This is the future for humans, when they become to fat to walk.

stratosrally - 09/07/12 - 11:04pm

I’ll say the same thing I said on 2 other sites – Oh, my aching balls.

Anyone want to try going uphill on it?

Being 50% German, I’m ashamed of the lack of Fahrvergnügen…and practical engineering.

Devian - 09/07/12 - 11:47pm


Glenn - 09/08/12 - 12:09am

This was a featured entry at this year’s 16th International Bicycle Design Competition where it won a merit award. A “velocipede” strictly speaking it’s not. There is further commentary and photos over on the Cycling Satin Cesena blog. The previous year did feature a design that drew directly on the velocipede archtype which you can also check out on that blog.

Devin - 09/08/12 - 2:19am

Ugh, wow. I try very hard to refrain from the negative, but this looks like you’re being humped by a giant, headless giraffe.

IJBCape - 09/08/12 - 3:44am

Total dentist bike, omg come off it. You know, it’s all about the motor on the bike not the light bike that’s yellow with straps. If you’re fat, a light bike makes no difference, so plz review more steel Puch retro bikes with ultegra kits.

IJBCape - 09/08/12 - 3:45am

Seriously, Skuut bikes rule for kids. It’s neat to see a big one. I like the stuff you show on this site, all of it!

Chad - 09/08/12 - 7:20am

Not to be a douche, but please correct the grammar in the title. It’s hard enough to take seriously.

FlyingBear - 09/08/12 - 12:09pm

The small child that it tries to eat at 1:31 is going to need therapy for the rest of her life.

Marc - 09/08/12 - 12:54pm

Is it a 29? If so its cool. If not its stoopid.

DJ - 09/08/12 - 2:46pm

how long does it take to strap oneself in ?

adam - 09/08/12 - 3:03pm

this was dont like 10 years ago. see Jackass season 2 episode 2 with the human tricycle.

Sancho - 09/08/12 - 3:29pm

I want to experience the exquisite terror of knowing you’re about to crash on that and not being able to do anything about it.

Pete - 09/09/12 - 12:51am

Come with 27.5″ wheels? I’m very particular, ya know.

Ridethecliche - 09/09/12 - 1:19am

Yes, but does it come without brakes?

I want the hipster version!

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