Garmin Locates Their Own Out Front Handlebar Mount

Garmin Out Front Mount bicycle handlebar mount for GPS cycling computersNot a moment too soon, or a day late, depending on your point of view, Garmin is adding their own displaced handlebar mount to the mix.

Called the Garmin Out Front Mount, it essentially does the same thing as the offerings from Bar Fly (regular and TT versions), K-Edge, Quarq and 3T, but adds a couple of nice features to set it apart.

First, the mount clamp is hinged, which should make installation a bit quicker. Second, the insertion point can be rotated to let you mount compatible Garmin 310XT and 910XT watches, too. It’ll hold any of the three Edge computers.

It’s a composite material and comes in around 26g. US retail is $39.99 and it’s looking like it’s 5-8 weeks away from shipping.


Lo - 09/07/12 - 11:16am

How many of these products do we need. They are pretty much all the same. The Barfly is the best, most simple solution. All of the others are just adding complications.

Ck - 09/07/12 - 1:10pm

Meh, just another $40 plastic mount. Still glad I spent $10 more for CNC’d aluminum with the K-Edge.

Tom - 09/07/12 - 2:27pm

Garmin finally came to the table with a mount like this, of course after 5 other companies are already making one. I don’t like that this holds a 200/500 out so far from the bars.

The K-edge has adjustability, but has 2 bolts, plus a third on the bottom and is made of metal. Unnecessary weight and a bit overkill, but I’m sure it works great.

BarFly holds the GPS too high, doesn’t look right.

Quarq looses points for the massive ugly logo, but I’ve yet to see anyone actually buy one of these things due to lack of availability.

My vote goes to the fine folks at Race Ware Direct (not mentioned), they have different lengths for 200/500 and 800 so that model you have will sit nicely in front of the stem. Made of plastic, and definitely the lightest of the bunch. No need for a hinge with flexible plastic.

Psi Squared - 09/07/12 - 2:55pm

I’ll take a K-Edge, thank you. No one will notice the few extra grams it weighs over any other mount.

MaLóL - 09/07/12 - 4:23pm

also raceware direct mount is only 16g, and cheaper, and available in several colours. Truth is that the interface with the gps unit is not so good. neither is the k-edge one, being metallic.

Brands have to pay to show their products here or this is an independent publication? just asking…

best regards.

Tyler (Editor) - 09/07/12 - 4:52pm

MaLoL – no, brands don’t pay us for coverage, ever. Some advertise with us but it has no bearing on our coverage of them or their competitors. We simply weren’t aware of Raceware’s offering. Unfortunately, many (most!) small companies are so busy making their stuff that they don’t have the time or wherewithall to do any PR. That said, we get a lot of great tips from our readers alerting us to new products and tech, so anytime you know of a brand that’s worth posting up here, please use the “Submit Tips” link at the top. Thanks!

Psi Squared - 09/07/12 - 7:44pm

MaLoL, how do you know the K-Edge interface is no good? If you haven’t used it, you can’t know.

Hungry4Shht - 09/07/12 - 9:15pm

Love my K-edge.

Jarrod - 09/07/12 - 9:37pm

Don’t think I’d go with a 3D printed mount for such an expensive computer (Raceware). Fairly happy witht the Barfly.

MTB - 09/07/12 - 11:00pm

No thanks Garmin.
I have broken so many of their plastic mounts for the Garmin 705, which consists of a small, thin plastic to release your Garmin from you mount. Once that breaks, which is very easy, the whole is mount is useless.

Jesse - 09/07/12 - 11:07pm

I have heard that the K-Edge slowly wears away the plastic of the garmin because of the aluminums sharp edges

Dan - 09/08/12 - 11:42am

have a K-Edge on the way, and hoping I can just limit the frequency of taking the unit on and off to reduce the wear of the plastic

Jordan - 09/08/12 - 11:25pm

I agree that 3d printed mount sounds kinda sketch, but someone would have to test that. Good to see garmin come to the table with something, but I wish it wasn’t $40. Unfortunately that’s what the barfly costs and therefore garmin can sell it for that much as well. I bet they make a crap ton of profits off these things.

MattK - 09/09/12 - 3:45pm

When the Barfly came out from a small, local (to me) shop, the $40 price tag made sense as it was a innovative idea and being produced in small batches. Now, with everyone making these the $40 price tag is just ridiculous.

EJBarnes - 09/10/12 - 3:12pm

I’ll be going with the Garmin Mount. I like the rotatable mount point. One for the road bike and another for my TT bike.
I wonder if shims will be needed to mount to my bar extensions.

Tom - 09/10/12 - 3:17pm

As an owner of the RaceWareDirect mount, I was skeptical of the 3D printed element as well. Soon as I mounted it up, my fears subsided. It is very sturdy and the latest generation holds the computer very snug.

Brendan - 09/12/12 - 5:47pm

dont bother with the raceware direct mount. lasted 20 miles and dumped my edge 500 down the road at 30mph. im going to be buying a garmin outfront

steve - 09/12/12 - 11:26pm

For what I’ve spent on 705 and Nuvi and broken mounts and updates they owe me a complementary mount

Tom_L - 10/02/12 - 4:32pm

Just to note, the K-edge will not wear out the plastic to the Edge computers. K-edge has stated that they have done numerous tests above 1000+ insertions and removals without any wear issues.

ArnoudW - 12/27/12 - 6:03pm

+ 1 satisfied user of the Race Ware Direct option. Still goes strong with my edge 800. Survived a 1300k roadrace in 7 days this summer.

Knee Jerk - 03/02/13 - 12:05am

I own three bikes
I bought a Barfly – returned it as the Garmin Edge did not lock in
Bought a SRAM – gave it my wife as SRAM logo was too much – but it works well
Looked at the K Edge – over engineered / to expensive/ I worried about cracking my carbon drops
Bought the Garmin Out Front – What a gem – Now happy !

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