The Fold-able Helmet by Carrera

The city bike niche is privy to some of the most unique and fashion forward designs that industrial design students and think tanks can muster. This fold-able helmet concept by Carrera is yet another attempt in this vein to promote and merge safety with the daily practicalities of city commuting.

The press claims the helmet was inspired by the old pistard helmets made in leather but it resembles an accordion in both appearance and function. An elastic fitting system affixed to the interior of the helmet allows the lid to expand to fit even the most awkwardly large or oddly shaped heads. This design allows the helmet to mold specifically to the riders head and appears to offer excellent ventilation (and many crevices for your hair to become entangled.)

When you’re done? The helmet folds into a slightly smaller package for storage…. or you can strap it precariously under the saddle of your color matched fixie. Awesome.

Pictures after the break…

Elastic retention system

More at Carrera 


G A R Y - 09/07/12 - 4:52pm


mj1984 - 09/07/12 - 5:01pm

Holy crap! This is such an amazing way to save tons of space…. I’m sure the 5 cm of space savings is totally worth the loss of side-impact protection.

pp - 09/07/12 - 5:04pm

I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t even think about the issue of side-impact when I first read about this. Unless they have some way (doubtful) of making it rigid L-R then there really is no use for it.

Saris - 09/07/12 - 5:06pm


That’s why I dub this the dumbest cycling product I’ve seen today. What do you expect from a company that introduced “Denim” roadie gear?

Dirtyonethirty - 09/07/12 - 5:24pm

Take another look or thought about that side impact, cause it does offer just as much as only other helmet. I think you’re imagining more of a crushing load. In this design there would be foam between your skull and the pavement in a side impact.
And honestly no helmet is designed for a crushing load, god help you if that happens to you.

That being said I do think the impact protection wild be lessened do to flex between the panels. But hey it’s better than the no helmet Fixie riders usually rock.

vectorbug - 09/07/12 - 6:11pm

I’m surprised there isn’t more rabble rabble about the tattooed model. Competition and innovation in the helmet market is a good thing.

Mindless - 09/07/12 - 7:37pm

Side protection looks fine. It is a long piece on the side.

I would be more worried about lack of rear coverage.

Dan - 09/07/12 - 8:18pm

Oh Boy, more Sh!t for hipsters to hang off their belt loops. Because you know there is no way they’ll put them on their heads and mess up their $100 hair cut that’s supposed to look like $5 one a 10 year old gave them.

The tattoos we’ll at least they know their target market, but fail on the lycra dude and lack of PBR. Although their is a sweet neck beard so they cancel each other out.

Chipollini - 09/07/12 - 8:57pm

The Trollerbears are hungry!…. If it gets more people wearing helmets, I think it’s a good thing – especially those nutty little hipster types – it’s not going to mess your hair up more than it already is.

Steve - 09/08/12 - 2:52am

I really couldn’t care less if this “gets more people to wear helmets” or whatever. I’m just so tired of seeing all of this artsy engineering stuff. Like that “invisible helmet” bulls*t. Honestly, I don’t even possess the eloquence to express how much I hate this shit. Stop addressing problems that don’t f*ing matter. Stop trying to promote voluntary matters that match the paint job of your frame.

Psi Squared - 09/08/12 - 1:13pm

Everyone! Please stop doing things that don’t matter to Steve!

Steve - 09/09/12 - 1:58pm

Psi, thank you. That’s really all I ask.

Sal - 09/12/12 - 6:07am

the Carrera jeans company you’re talking about, isnt the same eyewear/helmet company.
Same name, different owners….

The Goats - 09/13/12 - 1:21pm

Interesting and basic design could evolve into a one size fits all helmet.

mark - 08/17/14 - 11:10am

bought one of these back in the uk for commuting but bought the premium one. they are quite popular over hear in london and see them being used quite allot by other commuters.

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