Vroomen’s Open Adds 17lb Limited AXX1 29er Mountain Bike Build Option

2013 Open Limited Edition AXX1 29er mountain bike is 17 pounds

Not content to have one of the lightest production 29er hardtail frames on the market, Gerard Vroomen is now offering the Open Limited Edition AXX1 complete bike.

The build is SRAM’s new XX1 1×11 group combined with an AX Lightness cockpit. It’s shown with DT Swiss carbon tubulars, but final spec wheels will be AX Lightness as well, probably, which means it could very well dip below the 17lb 1oz weight shown here. Retail isn’t set yet, but if you have to ask…

In other news, all sizes are now available if you’re just looking for a frame.

2013 Open Limited Edition AXX1 29er mountain bike is 17 pounds

2013 Open Limited Edition AXX1 29er mountain bike is 17 pounds


will - 09/06/12 - 8:49am


Mike - 09/06/12 - 9:01am

not sure if a 17 lb bike is worth a sore ass from riding on a carbon seat

Dave - 09/06/12 - 9:16am

I have no doubt that the Open 29’er is light, but the Trek Superfly SL is 18lbs 9oz out of the box. That’s with alloy wheels, heavy tires, 2×10 drivetrain and stock Bontrager components (oh yeah, and it’s US made). I would put money on being able to shave 660 grams in the wheel/ tire combo alone.

Not trying to be a fan boy, but just say that 17-18 pounds for a high end 29er hardtail has become the new norm starting this year, let alone one with a $$$ AX lightness cockpit.

satisFACTORYrider - 09/06/12 - 9:17am

Yawns are contagious. Agreed.

Andy - 09/06/12 - 10:13am

So you yawners, what would get your pulse racing, a 25lb hard tail?

mat - 09/06/12 - 10:21am

You know the old saying: If you have nothing good to say, shut the hell up!

Keep going with this sort of thing Tyler, i find its the Treks/Specialized/Giants of this world that make me yawn!

good also to see a manufacturer spec’ing exotic parts like the AX.

Robo - 09/06/12 - 10:34am

nice bike but there’s not a chance in bloody hell i’m hitting the trails with that seat haha

HWNSNBS - 09/06/12 - 10:39am

Ha ha, I agree with the saddle comments–I think I’d rather stand for the duration then sit on a hard-ass slippery piece of plastic.

Joey B - 09/06/12 - 10:41am

Dave – I am with you on new Trek Superfly SL, but I have to make one correction. The Superfly SL frames are not made is the US. I do like the Open but I wouldn’t ride that saddle either. Other than the saddle, the spec is pretty sweet.

HWNSNBS - 09/06/12 - 10:43am

Oops according to ‘mat’ I was supposed to say something good–carbon is real neat-o.

satisFACTORYrider - 09/06/12 - 11:04am

“shut the hell up”? you need to “lighten up” like the bike. it’s just a reaction on the bike not the author or his job and nothing else.

yes, a 25lb hardtail or a 30lb hardtail would get my pulse racing (with excitement) moreso cuz i know I could send it faster into a line with more confidence. but i guess being nervous to hit a line because knowing from personal experience the trouble a super light set up can cause would indeed get my pulse racing as well. no hard feelings. you can hit the line on it first. i’ve been wrong plenty!

mtb - 09/06/12 - 11:32am

Yes Dave,

Trek Superfly SL is a great bike, if you have over 9 grand to spend.

mtb - 09/06/12 - 11:33am

ax-light has rider weight limits.
I think it’s 175 lbs.
So, this bike is not for everyone.

will - 09/06/12 - 11:57am

I started this with a “yawn” because I have no interest in bikes like this. Maybe you can afford a $10,000+ bike, but I sure can’t. I don’t care how flashy and light it is, I’ll never spend that much on a bike. No doubt the technology to get a bike this light is impressive, but so what? It’s not going to make you much (if any) faster on the race course. And it sure won’t last you a lifetime. Who even buys bikes like this?

Typee - 09/06/12 - 12:01pm

17 lbs is not really that difficult, but with all the money they’ve thrown at it… it should be lighter so this is no real feat.

@mtb …compared to this, it is a great bike. i’m sure this one will price a few G’s over 9000. So what’s your point? Daves point was that he could get a Trek Superfly SL, and get it lighter or light as this for less money. and it probably wouldn’t have the weight limit you mentioned.

@mat … (**edited**), we’re here for free exchange of ideas and opinions. If you have an argument to make as to why you would disagree with someone else’s view fine, but telling people not to say anything unless it’s positive??? This isn’t North Korea.. or Sunday School. (**edited**)

In Summary…. YAAAWWWN

naytan - 09/06/12 - 1:52pm

Triathletes can’t handle a bike on the road. I don’t want to be anywhere near a Cervello fan on the trail…

FreeEthan - 09/06/12 - 2:04pm

I just ordered three of these. One for training, one for racing, and one for my friends to ride when they come to town for a visit. I did confirm that the production will come with AX Lightness wheels. I wouldn’t be caught dead slumming it on DT Swiss carbon tubulars.

Steve M - 09/06/12 - 2:22pm


Seriously? If so- how is the weather in Telluride with the Romneys?

The Dude - 09/06/12 - 5:11pm

I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been addressed here:


Whatever - 09/06/12 - 5:38pm

MTB 17lbs geared, non-rigid, is very very tough to do. Don’t post up conjecture, Typee.

Sworks - 09/06/12 - 8:12pm

Thumbs up from me. Amazing SRAM 1×11.

Andy - 09/06/12 - 9:30pm

Will.. With that logic you must be yawning every time a new Ferrari or lambo is released!!

KClam - 09/06/12 - 9:44pm

Looks flexy.

icarus - 09/07/12 - 4:54am

I don’t get it… all the trouble to have a lightweight bike and then not even trim the steering? :/
chain line if off as well.

will - 09/07/12 - 8:23am

The only time I ever hear about a new Ferrari or Lambo is when I get to see reruns of Top Gear. So yeah, they’re cool to watch tear around, but I’d never want to actually own one (unless someone gave it to me!). And along the same lines as this 17lb MTB vs my heavy steel hardtail, I have tons of fun tearing around in my beat up Subaru.

Dan - 09/08/12 - 12:39pm

Who buys these types of bikes? I’ll tell you who. People who have no business being on a bike this light, that’s who. People who have far more money than skill or fitness…the same people I blow past on the uphills and downhills, on my steel hardtail. Can’t tell you how many beer bellied riders I’ve seen on ridiculous 29er carbon hardtails…almost as many as I’ve seen on Madones and R4s. To each their own, but I’m still gonna judge.

openandy - 03/08/13 - 2:49pm

everybody is free to think about this bike as he wants. but just two points.
this frame is lighter than a trek superfly. Just don’t compare catalogue weights when you talk about weights. The real weight of this bike is at 16.06 and this is in a size large and not in X-small. Also the pictures shown here are not correct. Check them out at our site http://www.opencycle.com. And yes luckily we have all different taste otherwise we would ride all the same bikes and that would be pretty boring. happy trails

Sir Mark - 03/26/13 - 3:33am

I have 7.5kg (16.5 pounds) 26in hard tail now, I have never understood everyone’s fear of light bikes, they are great, fast and dam fun, until you have ridden one you don’t know what you are missing, not to mention all the pro’s use pretty light bike and don’t have any issues. I have just ordered an open 29er, xo build, looking forward to it.

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