Manitou Bounces New Graphics Across Line, Considering 650B Options

2013 Manitou forks get new graphics and adds 650B Marvel suspension fork size

Manitou is updating their graphics across all forks, making the logo a bit more prominent and current.

More importantly, we hear they’re giving the Marvel and Minute lines a 650B option but don’t have a specific timeframe for release. Rumor is the offset will be smack in between the 26″ (41mm) and the 29er (48mm or 51mm).

2013 Manitou forks get new graphics and adds 650B Marvel suspension fork size

The other side of the forks…

2013 Manitou forks get new graphics and adds 650B Marvel suspension fork size

2013 Manitou suspension fork internals cutaway

A quick description: Top leg has a top out bumper at right, the red is the compression damping circuit and the blue on the left is the rebound damping. The bottom leg uses a coil spring for the negative, and the air chamber is above it.


Mike - 09/06/12 - 9:26pm

Manitou is still around ?

John - 09/06/12 - 11:21pm

They apparently had some serious issues under the previous owners. Hayes bought them and retooled everything. I have been riding the 29″ Tower comp and I can say it is BAD ASS!! Good work turning this ship around. New graphics look good.

Mr. P - 09/07/12 - 12:41am

“Top leg has a top out bumper at right”
That is a sealed foam that compresses as damper pressure builds to reduce air-oil mixture. Like a bladder, but compressing rather than expanding.

Manitou make great forks. My Nixon was still going strong at 6 years when it was retired.


Two-One - 09/07/12 - 5:56am

Its not a negative coil spring, but this Mars-air spring is a air- and coilspring in series, creating a plush starting stroke, with a progressive bottomout.
Formula uses the same system, but manitou has used it for more than a decade.

Warp - 09/07/12 - 6:08am

Still not a 160mm fork?

Kirk Pacenti - 09/07/12 - 9:24am

I am really stoked about this!


Solo - 09/07/12 - 11:12am

Manitou, Heyes, Sun-Ringle… they all have one thing in common: mediocrity.

Looking for great preformance fork? Get a 2011 or later DT Swiss Twin Shot or a Formula 33.
The best brakes out there? Get Formula T1 or R1.
Best wheels? Get Enves and wrap them around DT240s with Comp spokes.

It’s not about flashy stickers and empty tech-talk, it’s all about performance in the long run.

Sounds like bias I know, but it is not, it is the result of 20 years or ridding and servicing MTBs.

matt savage - 09/08/12 - 10:58pm

Sweet! Gonna sell my Velvet and pick up a Minute or Marvel now!

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