Barfly TT Mount Adds Garmin Edge, Forerunner Option for Triathletes

Barfly TT cycling computer mount for aerobars for garmin edge and forerunner

Tate Labs has added a TT version of its Garmin cycling computer mounts.

The Barfly TT is designed to mount on the aerobar extensions and hold the computer between or outside them. It uses their patent pending 1/8 turn to lock the computer into place and works with both Edge and Forerunner units. It’s made of Delrin, so it won’t scratch or harm alloy or carbon extensions. Inside clamp diameter is 22.2mm to fit virtually all brands.

The mount will work with Garmin Edge 300/500/800 and Forerunner 301XT and 910XT models with Garmin’s aftermarket Quick Release Kit. Retail is $39.99 and it’ll be available September 12. Click through for more pics…

Barfly TT cycling computer mount for aerobars for garmin edge and forerunner

Barfly TT cycling computer mount for aerobars for garmin edge and forerunner


Matt M - 09/05/12 - 11:34am

I wish they would produce a regular bar mount for the 910xt with Quick Release Adaptor. The current model for Edge computers puts the 910 sideways on a mountain or road bike… I don’t do triathlon anymore, but I still run and swim on occasion and it only makes sense to have one Garmin to do everything vs. an Edge that is only good for the bike. Especially since the 910xt has every feature except temperature and also is fully waterproof, has a run mode, swim mode, and a wrist band for skiing, hiking, etc…

K-ris - 09/05/12 - 11:55am

Hey Matt M
your wish may come true sooner rather than later…………keep an eye out at interbike!

MattK - 09/05/12 - 3:04pm

I was kind of hoping the price on these mounts would have come down now that there are multiple companies manufacturing them. $40 isn’t the end of the world, but kind of pricey for a piece of plastic.

Ck - 09/05/12 - 3:54pm

Agreed on the price aspect. I hesitated on the original Barfly and was rewarded when K-Edge came out with their much nicer mount for only $10 more. I’m guessing K-Edge isn’t too far behind on a TT bar mount.

Hobbanero - 09/06/12 - 12:21am

I have done a couple of rides on the BarFly TT, and it is a big upgrade from the plastic knob with a standard Garmin mount I was using before. The mount is just solid, even with the heavier Edge 800 on it.

MaLóL - 09/06/12 - 10:20pm

too late for all this third party mounts for garmins;

thanks god garmin woke up!!!

ajbosch - 09/07/12 - 8:48am

Now all we need is for someone to come up with a mount that will work even if you have a torpedo mount or aero drink bottle mounted between your bars. :(

Tyler (Editor) - 09/07/12 - 8:55am

AJB- just flip this one around to mount outside the aero extensions and your problem is solved.

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