2013 SRAM Force Gets Trickle Down RED Tech, No Price Increase


SRAM has updated their original road group, Force, with some of the RED tech for 2013. Parts affected are the cranksets, rear derailleur and shifter levers.

The cranksets get new chainrings that are stiffer and better optimized for quick shifts, and SRAM says they’re more durable, too. The shifter levers now have Zero Loss actuation, meaning they start pulling cable the instant you start pushing them. No more wasted movement means quicker, snappier shifting performance, something we’ve always enjoyed with RED.

Lastly, the rear derailleur gets a mid-length cage option to work with their expanded Wi-Fli cassette range, like the new 11-32. All sizes also get the new AeroGlide pulleys to make things a bit quieter and smoother. Pics below…





Brandon - 09/05/12 - 12:07pm

Bummed the levers didn’t move to the new Red shape…

Alex - 09/05/12 - 12:18pm

No yaw-control FD, either. Bummer… I was hoping for a budget version of that.

Stephen - 09/05/12 - 12:29pm

Available immediately?

Ck - 09/05/12 - 12:40pm

SRAM took a few years to move ZeroLoss to Force.. you guys expected them to drop the brand new 2013 Red features on Force the same year with no price increase?

vectorbug - 09/05/12 - 1:07pm

Damn I was really hoping for all the new RED features but for cheaper. I don’t understand marketing.

Jake - 09/05/12 - 1:45pm

@Ck: Precisely. I’m kinda glad they didn’t overhaul everything. That way the 2013 crankset, rear derailleur, and shifters I buy will match the 2012 front derailleur and brakes that I already have.

Brattercakes - 09/05/12 - 2:26pm


Unimpressed. Not even a graphics update. Bummer.

Oh well, i’ll probably still buy it. You win, SRAM.

diehipsterdie - 09/05/12 - 2:58pm

I’m actually pretty stoked on this, call me weird but i’ve preferred force over red honestly

Speedy - 09/05/12 - 4:57pm

@ diehipsterdie – that’s a bummer then, as this appears to be last years Red group. With the 2013 Red being so different, SRAM just nixed old Force, and rebranded 2012 and prev Red group as Force.

Stratosfear - 09/05/12 - 5:47pm

I agree it’s hard to get excited about this. With the new Red group being so sexy. I guess I’ll wait for the new Red features to trickle down to Force. Then I’ll wait again for the 11 speed Red and hydraulic brake features to trickle down. I got nothing but time and no money anyway.

Dans - 09/05/12 - 7:37pm

Is this crank the old Force crank with the newer black rings or is this actually the old red crank?

eric - 09/06/12 - 1:30am

I think folks are missing the “NO PRICE INCREASE” bit. SRAM is offering an improved groupset for he same price. What’s not to like? Yeah it’d be nice if it had all the new Red features, but let’s apply some common sense here. If SRAM did that, they’d cannibalize sales of new Red.

Chris - 09/06/12 - 6:16am

Sorry,it`s not I was waiting for! So I waitfor 2014 for 11 speed and the function of the “Red” front derailleur. 😉 And the hydraulic brake system.
But hats off for NO price increase for the most valued gruppo on the market (in my opinion).
And also congrats for the WiFli System I will run in future in the alps.

MulletRacer - 09/06/12 - 3:54pm

Does this mean the only difference between old red and new force cranksets are the rings?

Stewart - 09/07/12 - 1:26am

I’ve ridden red for a few years now, except a force RD. This new force gruppo is a great idea. The zero loss shifters are great and the rings look cooler. I hate the old red cassette, I still use the 1070, it’s quieter.
For those of you looking at the 2012 new red, here is a great compatiblity article. http://velonews.competitor.com/2012/03/news/it-works-we-test-sram-red-backwards-compatibility_209270
I now have the 2012 red FD with old red shifters and crankset, and it works great.

sean - 09/10/12 - 11:42am

Im in fact loving the fact that sram didnt kill off the old red by doing this. I love the old hood shape and dont want to have to run a new front derailur and crank just to get zeroloss rear shifting. I really dont like the look of the new red and am also glad the old force graphics didnt go the same route.

PTK - 12/29/12 - 2:20am

Let’s be clear here: This is a new Force gruppo with Red technology. Okay, no new graphics (boo hoo), but major improvements in performance, and still with a competitive overall weight factor that’s hard to beat.
I’m just about to purchase this (it’s cheaper anyway in the States where I now live) for my new bike build. Can’t wait!!

Tom Medlicott - 01/08/13 - 5:15pm

I’ve ordered a 2013 Specialized Allez Race Rival
And want to upgrade the groupset to SRAM
Force. As much as I research, I’m still a rank
beginner. Will this setup work ok? I also
ordered the Specialized COBL seatpost.

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