Ergon Adds Leaf Spring Carbon Seatpost, Wicked Carbon Bar/Stem/Ends Prototype & Leather Grips

Ergon prototype custom cockpit full carbon fiber handlebar stem and bar ends

Before we get into the real products, this stunner is the Ergon Custom Cockpit – a full carbon fiber one-piece bar/stem/barends combo made for sponsored rider Irina Kalentieva. Detail pics below show the individual mounts and recessed sections for the XX grips and Magura MT8 brake levers. Even with all the shaping and bar ends, it’s darn light!

Items that’ll actually show up at your local bike shop include a complete line of road bike saddles, a new dual leaf spring style seatpost for the road and some commuter grips. Anyone see a trend here? Ergon’s making a big push into road for 2013…

Ergon prototype custom cockpit full carbon fiber handlebar stem and bar ends

Ergon prototype custom cockpit full carbon fiber handlebar stem and bar ends

That’s 234.4g for the whole enchilada. Considering there are no clamps required to mount any of the accoutrements, total weight savings is even greater compared to a standard set up. It’s like getting the stem and bar ends for free.

2013 Ergon CF3 Pro carbon fiber dual leaf spring seatpost for road bikes only

New CF3 Pro Carbon Seatpost uses a split leaf spring design to provide up to 25-30mm of movement depending on rider weight and impact forces. While Ergon is more known for mountain bike grips, this is meant for road bikes. It was developed in conjunction with Canyon Bikes, which showed a similar seatpost last year, but Ergon’s rep said this one has its own unique performance characteristics.

They say it’s very stiff, so you won’t be bobbing up and down, it’s really designed to take the edge off big hits. Weight is just 200g but it’ll only come in 27.2 diameters to start. There’s a 100kg rider weight limit. Cyclocross or gravel road racing anyone?

2013 Ergon CF3 Pro carbon fiber dual leaf spring seatpost for road bikes only

It’s 330mm long and provides a 10° range of saddle adjustment by loosening the bolt at the bottom and sliding the front leaf up or down. Pricing is €249. Should be available for next season.

2013 Ergon road bike saddles

There’s also a new line of road saddles. The shell uses the same pocketed shell design as the mountain bike ones that places more, softer padding under the sit bones and thinner, firmer padding elsewhere.

2013 Ergon road bike saddles

Four models, all with the same shape. Differences are shell materials (glass fiber on the SR3, carbon on the rest) and rail materials, going from TiNox to carbon to a MonoLink. They’re available in three sizes/widths and will ship next season.

2013 Ergon GC1 grips for bent mustache bicycle handlebars

New GC1 grips are designed for city bikes with bent handlebars to put the hand and wrist in a straighter, more neutral position. Also available in a shorter one to work with twist shifters. They get an updated rubber compound, too.

2013 Ergon GP1 Bio-Leder organic leather bicycle grips with inmolded construction

New GP1 BioLeder are inmolded leather grips that use organic leather from Bavaria tinted only plant derived tanning agents. The grip pattern is laser etched, and there are no seams to come undone. It includes a leather cleaning oil, too, and was produced in conjunction with Quoc Pham, a famous London handmade shoemaker.


Jonathan - 09/04/12 - 8:10am

That seatpost on a carbon 29er hardtail would be nice.

Andy - 09/04/12 - 8:37am

Any sign of grips to work with the new SRAM Gripshift?


jeff - 09/04/12 - 9:00am

Yes, please anyone, make some grips for the new Gripshift’s!

Eddie O - 09/04/12 - 9:28am

You can easily cut a “standard” set of Ergons down to fit with Grip Shift with a hacksaw. Cut slowly with a fresh blade since the materials are soft. Use a razor to smooth the edge. Measure twice and cut in small increments until you have the desired grip size.

MulletRacer - 09/04/12 - 9:43am

Those saddles look promising. Flat like the slr. Hopefully the same amount of padding. Anyone know?

Aaron - 09/04/12 - 12:39pm

Ergon couldn’t come up with a less offensive grip design for this model year? Peanuts.

Mar - 09/04/12 - 1:25pm

That seatpost seams like to be the same of canyon spring seatpost

reverend dick - 09/04/12 - 4:01pm

So the GC1 grips partially negate the sweep from a comfy townie bar? Dumb.

Ergon’s standard grips’ usefulness comes from lending some sweep to straight bars.

jared - 09/04/12 - 6:50pm

so does ergon specifically say you should not use the seatpost for mountain biking? because I loved the cane creek thudbuster on my hard tail but sold it for something lighter.

Jonathan - 09/04/12 - 10:42pm

I second that Jared! Really want one for the mountain bike.

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