MRP Adds G3, AMG & Micro Single Ring Chainguides,

MRP Adds G3 AMG and Micro Single Ring Chainguides

With SRAM’s XX1 on the horizon, there’s looking to be an increased interest in both 1x single chainring drivetrains and chainguides made for them since there’s no longer a front derailleur cage to elo keep things in line.

MRP’s ready with their new G3 guide. It integrates the lower guide with the bash guard. This not only improves durability, but makes crankset/chainring swaps much quicker and easier.

Aftermarket units will ship with the lower pulley wheel installed but include their G-Slide, an orange polyurethane piece that replaces the pulley for wetter conditions. It’s quieter than the pulley and won’t get bogged up with mud, but the pulley still has lower friction for dry, pedaling intensive rides.

Guide youse past the break for more options…

MRP Adds G3 AMG and Micro Single Ring Chainguides

The lower guide/bashguard combo plate swivels down to make ring and crankset removal snappy. The lower pulley slides to adjust for chainring sizes.

Upper guide changes from polycarbonate to nylon, which is stiffer, more durable and more chemical resistant SL it holds up better against degreasers and such.

Price is $150 and available in November. Weight is 167g.


A carbon fiber back plate version is also available at 151g for $220. It’s a minimal weight savings, but it won’t get bent out of shape in a major impact, just flex a but and return to straight. MRP says they haven’t had a single one break and make a warranty claim.

The rest of their single ring guides will get the new nylon upper, and they’re extending the range down to 28T compatibility. All single Ti g guides are compatible with 8-11 speed guides.

The AMG is a new 1x top guide with the same skid plate as the XCG and 2x series. Aimed at the trail/AM riders that are running the new clutch type rear derailleurs (SRAM Type 2, Shimano Shadow Plus).


The Micro Guide is designed to work with smaller single ring setups, adjustable from 28 to 32 tooth only. Basically just a shrunken version of the G3 but with a removable skid plate.

Both are available in ISCG, ISCG05 and BB mount versions (carbon backplate is 05 only).


Izzy - 09/02/12 - 9:48pm

No pic of the AMG?

Tyler (Editor) - 09/04/12 - 8:42am

Izzy – No, sorry, but it looks just like their other guides but without the lower guide since the clutch rear derailleurs mostly negate the need for it.

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