New Look S-Track MTB Pedals Replaces Quartz

2013 Look S-Track clueless mountain bike pedals replace Quartz

Look’s new S-Track mountain bike pedals replace the Quartz with an entirely new design.

They use an “S” shaped spring, hence the name, that acts as a torsion bar and claims to provide instant entry and release regardless of conditions.

They come in three models, the base with a composite body and deflectors (142g), the S-Track Race with alloy deflectors and an injected carbon body (145g) and the S-Track Carbon Ti with the injected carbon body and titanium axle.

The deflector sits at the rear of the pedal and guides the cleat over as you slide your foot forward to clip in. Without it, the cleat would try to catch the rear spring.

2013 Look S-Track clueless mountain bike pedals replace Quartz

Inside the oversized body there are two cartridge bearings near the threads and a needle bearing at the outer edge.

2013 Look S-Track clueless mountain bike pedals replace Quartz

The cleats rest on a metal platform with 460 square millimeters of surface area. The sides are recessed a bit to provide clean ace for treads. They come with spacers for increasing the effective cleat height.

2013 Look S-Track clueless mountain bike pedals replace Quartz

An optional cage doubles the surface area but will still let you clip in. It’s available in composite or alloy.

More photos:

2013 Look S-Track clueless mountain bike pedals replace Quartz

2013 Look S-Track clueless mountain bike pedals replace Quartz

2013 Look S-Track clueless mountain bike pedals replace Quartz


Josep Barberà - 09/01/12 - 1:28pm

Bonics… nice!!!

Tucker - 09/01/12 - 8:53pm

Are those weights correct?! Whats the weight for the ti axle’d model?

Jeff - 09/01/12 - 9:34pm

I love the quartz so I am glad to see an update as I thought they where abandoning the MTB market.

Evan - 09/01/12 - 9:40pm

Where’s the carbon leaf spring?

erik - 09/02/12 - 1:04am

if you look at the last pic you see why. no need since the rentention hooks are in an S-shape, their torsional flex creates cleat retention

Stuart Lightley - 09/02/12 - 8:44am

In-pedal Power meter coming soon no doubt, judging by the size & shape of the body!

WG - 09/02/12 - 1:30pm

@Stuart – at this point they could at least hide a multitool there to add functionality! There’s plenty of space inside.

greg - 09/02/12 - 7:28pm

can i get a detailed cleat pic? looks like the cleat has its own pontoons that sit to the sides and rests on the top deck, correct? im wondering what the overall width of the cleat is.

Andy - 09/04/12 - 5:43am

Is the cleat any different to the existing Quartz one?

Tyler (Editor) - 09/04/12 - 8:17am

All – the cleat is different from the Quartz, they won’t be compatible. They didn’t have any of the new cleats sitting around to photograph, just a pic of it for us to look at. There are small pads on the sides, but they stay on the taller center section of the pedal’s platform. The lower parts of the platform on either side are intended for your shoe treads as shown.

Mindless - 09/04/12 - 8:38pm


SfattoSlone - 09/05/12 - 2:03pm

the red “pontoons” that you are referring to are inherent to Diadora MTB shoes, its called a Multiped.

Tyler- has anyone seen an availability date? Need new eggbeaters for CX season, but would be interested in trying these out if they’ll hit dealers in the next month or so…

Andrew - 03/11/13 - 1:22am

I just bought two sets to replace my Crank Brothers Eggbeaters and Candy pedals.

My early impressions are very positive. They weigh about the same as CB Eggbeaters.

The S-Track feel much more securely attached to my cleat. They offer great support and the cleat appears to be more rigid than the CB. The construction of the pedal looks better too.

Moreover, I had been developing regular knee pain with the CB pedals. None with the S-Track.

The only drawback has been that they are harder to engage than the CB pedals. Maybe I just need to get used to it or break them in.

I wish they had been available earlier.

Now if they can last longer than a season, they will be on target to best the CB line of shoddily constructed pedals.

Very happy so far.

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