3T Rounds Out Wheel Line, Plus All New Seatposts & Alloy Integra/Garmin Stem


3T has mostly completed the range of wheels

The Mercurio is now available in 40, 60 and 80mm deep wheels and a full disc.

Accelero Team is a new upgraded model with a carbon fiber fairing that mimics the Mercurio’s aero shape. Available in 40 and 60mm depths. Weights are 1640g for the 40 and 1800g for the 60. These are prototype weights and could chane slightly. Available in stealth and with red graphics, available in Spring. Pricing TBD.


An Accelero LTD version will come in Spring 2013, and a full carbon Accelero will come soon but was not on display.

A partnership with Ceramic Speed gets you a $500 ceramic bearing upgrade to the Mercurio LTD 60.

All of their wheels are 11-speed compatible by simply losing the spacer required for Shimano 10-speed cassettes.


Seatposts get a complete makeover. The Dorico and Palladio will go away at the end of the year. The new Ionic and Stylus will take their place and have a bit more of the 3T styling.

Both will be available in LTD (full carbon, shown above), Team (alloy/carbon) and Pro (alloy). The key difference is the saddle clamp.


The Ionic gets the Palladio’s Diff-Lock clamp and the Stylus gets a more traditional clamp. They changed the design a bit, using a new clamp that can work with both round and oval seat rails.


Weights aren’t announced, prices range from $270 down to $110 for the Ionic, Stylus will be lower.


A Team version of the Integra stem with integrated Garmin mount will bring the price down by offering an all-alloy model that’s actually lighter than the carbon LTD model.


It’ll have cable ports for Di2 with space for the battery indicator to hide inside. the pics here show cables running into the holes, but it’s designed for two wired to go in the front to the battery indicator, then one exit hole to run the wire to the battery.


Not shown, the Luteus disc cyclocross fork gets the stealth black on black colorway (yay!) for 2013.


TB - 09/01/12 - 9:53am

The Tornova handlebar is new as well…

Bro - 09/01/12 - 1:33pm

That $270 post will make you so much faster.

Dan - 09/01/12 - 10:59pm

@Bro, not just faster, wicked faster. Remember $$$ always buys speed, that and a beer belly is aero.

Psi Squared - 09/02/12 - 2:56pm

Bro and Dan remind us of two facts:
1. Some riders really are snobs.
2. Critical thought is dead.

JadedCyclist - 09/03/12 - 10:02pm

@Psi Squared It’s hilariously depressing, Isn’t it?

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