Kickstarter Project: The Volagi Viaje Steel Adventure Bike

Volagi Viaje Steel Gravel Bike

Disc brake adventure bikes are getting big, really big. Images of the Volagi Viaje adventure bike showed up a while back, and the complete is now on Kickstarter. They’re offered in two versions, Columbus Spirit for the Viaje SL, a higher end build pictured above, and 4130 Chromo steel for the less costly Viaje XL. It resembles the Viscio visually, with the Longbow stays, and they’ve changed up the geometry, extending the wheelbase and shrinking the top tube for a more upright riding position.

The Viaje SL runs $2,900 complete, $900 for the frame. The XL runs $1900 complete, $600 for the frame. Both come in a choice of three colorways – Blue, Cream, and Red. Click on through for the video…

Full specs are listed on the Viaje Kickstarter page.


Bart Boma - 08/30/12 - 6:04pm

How does an established company have a kick starter project? Is. It called an R&D budget?

eddie - 08/30/12 - 6:08pm

Looks like a sales gimmick to me. they state the delivery date to be in October- if that’s the case, they’ve already placed the order for these bikes with their manufacturer in Taiwan.

Caliente - 08/30/12 - 6:11pm

R&D Budget – Legal Fees = No Viaje
Kickstart this company and stick it to the man!

Willis24 - 08/30/12 - 6:19pm

I see nothing wrong with a Kickstarter, but the seat stay bridge seems way too close to the tire for an adventure bike.

Typee - 08/30/12 - 6:47pm

agree with eddie, definite sales gimmick. An order of frames from Taiwan takes about three months to get to the US. that means the bikes are already on the boat.

mcrammerstein - 08/30/12 - 8:59pm

i agree with bart. you either do a good job in your business in order to fund future projects, or you fail. the bike industry is littered with names that have done both. this is an abuse of kickstarter.

King Cong - 08/30/12 - 8:59pm

R&D Budget – Legal Fees = No Viaje = I’m ok with that

tom - 08/30/12 - 9:36pm

Three months, eh? Maybe it depends where in the U.S. you’re talking about, but for my employer it takes about four weeks to the west coast. Cut them some slack, it’s a small company that was just in a fairly large legal battle. Let them make some bikes!

ekko - 08/30/12 - 10:39pm

The frames are sitting in a warehouse in Taiwan. The kickstart is so that volagi can pay the bill to the manufacturer and get them on the boat. The same thing happened to Cervelo before Pon took over, customers couldn’t get bikes because of back due bills and the bikes collected dust in TW.

Justin - 08/30/12 - 10:42pm

I’m guessing the legal battle with Specialized hit their bank account pretty hard.

Willis24 makes a good point about the arch over the rear tire…hopefully this is only a mock-up build with one of their road frames and not the final design!

Whatever - 08/31/12 - 12:04am

Considering almost none of us have ridden these bikes, it is a chicken-and-egg problem. Carbon or otherwise.

That and Salsa frameset is not much more with an ENVE fork. Both both are ridiculously prices for TW steel anyway.

Topmounter - 08/31/12 - 12:21am

This Kickstarter thing is starting to wear a bit thin. It’s a little like getting excited over patent applications.

Taiwaner - 08/31/12 - 3:33am

The price on a steel frame and fork is $900. That’s a bit ridiculous, really.

Mike S. - 08/31/12 - 12:04pm

Kickstarter? Smells of desperation. My Liscio is going to find “the will to go” on craigslist this week.

Jeffrey R. - 09/04/12 - 6:02pm

Kickstarters for established companies are all over the place. It’s called gauging interest in future product while giving supporters first dibs and incentives. I’ve met the owners and they are very nice people and very interested in getting the best bike out to the public. I’ve been waiting a long time for this bike to come out and I’m extremely happy that they are going through kickstarter and offering the bikes this way. I’ll be putting in my order because it gives me a sense of helping the company that I believe in.

omspun - 09/28/12 - 9:44pm

@Mike S.
If you haven’t sold your Liscio yet, maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. Looks like the Kickstarter is going to happen. Only $2K to go with 17 hours left. Time now is 6:33pm where I am.

Maybe you’ve been updated already but the seatstay bridge in that photo was on a early proto. The bikes displayed at interbike all had room for a 700×42 with a room to spare.

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