Fizik Updates, Lightens Arione Saddles & Adds Cushioned Handlebar Tape

2013 Fizik Arione 00 lightweight carbon fiber road bike saddle

Fizik’s Arione saddles get resigned with a new higher durometer foam composite that’s reportedly both more comfortable and rebounds better, helping it last longer. They claim it’s a 20,000 mile saddle.

The Arione R1 (center two, solid white and black) gets a new carbon base. Shape is the same with their Wing Flex sections’ getting a bit more pronounced flexibility. It saves about 14g and puts the saddle in at 145g. Carbon rails are unchanged.

The Arione R3 (right two) gets also gets a new base but made of a fiberglass /carbon composite. Ti rails put it 185g.

The Arione 00 is the new flagship model. It has a different base with rubber injected into the carbon fiber for better flex sections. Weight is 139g thanks in part to their one piece Möbius carbon rails, which, along with the base, uses T700 carbon. It’s hand made in Italy and will set you back $400.

Detail photos and some new bar tape below…

2013 Fizik Arione 00 lightweight carbon fiber road bike saddle

Left to right: Arione 00, R1 and R3. Note the completely different base, rails and flex sections for the 00.

2013 Fizik Arione 00 lightweight carbon fiber road bike saddle

The Mobius carbon rails are a continuous piece all the way around the saddle. Fizik says their Wing Flex sections take a couple hundred miles to fully break in.

New Performance Bar Tape has a thicker 3mm cushioning with their Soft Touch, Microtex and a rubbery Tacky versions available. The thinner original bar tape will now be called the Professional bar tape and also be available in the same three finishes.


Pete - 08/29/12 - 7:18am

New saddles look good.

Tom - 08/29/12 - 8:06am

These look excellent. Quite a few Arione’s going strong in ny stable. I welcome the weight reductions and improvements. On a skeptical note, I assume these 14g savings in the real world will put them at the claimed weights of the previous generation.

shen - 08/29/12 - 4:10pm

I’m gonna take up yoga, and strengthen my lower back flexibility, and spend 400 and buy a saddle. I AM DEAD SERIOUS!!!!

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