Bikerumor Pics Of The Day: Support Vehicles Of The USA Pro Challenge

2012 USA pro cycling challenge support vehicle

Photos submitted by Matt, “One of the Course Marshal vans.” More after the break.

Another Course Marshal van ready for a fun day.

mavic support vehicles from the usa pro cycling challenge

Mavic neutral support vehicles.

radio shack nissan trek vehicle usa pro challenge

Cool trailer from RadioShack-Nissan-Trek.

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Chipollini - 08/25/12 - 5:32pm

I want that trailer, I could put bikes in it, or a bed, maybe a small horse or a pony.. The pony would be have to be wearing black wrap-around sunglasses, smoking a cigar, and listening to R&B… my pony would be classy.
lol – “Garage Sale” —-> Hincapie’s bikes

slow joe crow - 08/27/12 - 1:15pm

The trailer is Airstream Basecamp toyhauler. It was originally developed as a concept in conjunction with Nissan (hence the team tie-in) and Airstream made them for a few years but discontinued it due to slow sales.

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