New Fuji Track Elite Brings Tapered Headtube, Windtunnel Testing to the Velodrome

2013 Fuji Track Elite carbon fiber aero track bike with tapered head tube

Next week, Fuji will unveil their new Track Elite bike, a carbon fiber board racer that uses something not typically found in the velodrome – a tapered headtube.

Per the teaser above, they claim it, along with internal frame and fork ribbing, makes for a monstrously stiff bike. Dropouts are kept metal to hold up to frequent wheel changes and adjustments. The frame was developed and tested in the wind tunnel, too, just to make sure all that stiffness didn’t just push more air around. Look for full coverage next week.


eddie - 08/23/12 - 10:40am

Yep, i”m sure a tapered head tube is going to “revolutionize the track world as we know it”
Good one!

Gillis - 08/23/12 - 12:51pm

It’s a track bike, you can only make it so exciting. Everyone should just race on kerin frames.

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