Found: Chappelli Cycles Bicycle With NuVinci Internal Hub, Fixies Too

Chappelli Cycles NuVinci Bicycle Internal Australia Rear

Bikes and bike components shot on a black background look prestigious. The newest build by Chappelli Cycles is no different. Scheming the bike black and chrome, they’ve incorporated a NuVinci infinitely variable rear hub for gearing, leather grips with red bar-end lights, and a chromo lugged steel frame with custom Chappelli cranks. The wheelset is chrome deep V to made to match silver lugs and componentry.

Updated: Also worthy of mention, the NuVinci build recently won the design award over at Good Design Australia, in the category of Sport and Leisure.

Chappelli is cranking out a limited amount of these, to those that reserve, and they’re shipping in October. Pricing is $1795. Click ‘more’ for glam shots…

Chappelli Cycles NuVinci BIcycle Internal Australia Drive Side

Chappelli Cycles NuVinci Bicycle Internal Australia Blinky Light Red Chappelli Cycles NuVinci Bicycle Internal Australia Crank Custom

Chappelli Crema Single Speed Fixie

On top of the NuVinci build, Chappelli also sells some pretty nice looking, yet affordable SS/fixies. Pictured above is the Crema, with hand stitched leather grips, a chromo frame with lugged fork, deep Vs and both brakes. Pricing is $395 for most of their fixie builds in a range of colors. Not too bad. Available in medium and large.



some guy - 08/23/12 - 8:19pm

Methinks you mean continuously variable. Infinitely variable would be pretty awesome though.

Sam - 08/23/12 - 11:32pm

$395 also seems reasonable for me for a chromoly framed bike. My Raleigh chromoly single frame alone costed $350.

WannaBeSTi - 08/24/12 - 9:12am

Sam, I assure you that your Raleigh frame is built to a higher standard. Raleigh USA is using better grade of steel 4130 CroMo, Reynolds 631, 853, or 520 vs. (from their website) HIGH TENSILE STEEL.

A lot of bigger bike companies could build bikes to compete with Chappelli, they just don’t.

I’m not blasting Chappelli or saying their stuff is junk.

JoeKing - 08/24/12 - 10:25am

@some guy

Actually infinitely variable is correct to describe the NuVinci. To be continuously variable would require a complex computer system controlling the ratio “continuously” changing it to suit conditions.

Infinitely variable means there are not 7, 10, 20 etc. specific gears..there are an infinite number within the range. The choice of ratio is done by the rider.

Chappelli - 08/24/12 - 11:03pm


I’m one of the founders of Chappelli. Thanks for the comments. The Chappelli NuVinci is handmade using the highest quality Reynolds steel whilst all our other bikes are make out of 4130 CroMo including the one pictured above. I hadn’t realised that we’d not updated the spec’s listed on the website to reflect that but will get it done today!

Waterboy - 08/25/12 - 6:40pm

I’m looking for a nice Fixie/SS and this may be it…. Time for some research.

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