Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Palisades Viewpoint

bikerumor pic of the day palisades trail, green water washington

Photo submitted by Phil Shep, “About 1/2 way down Palisades Trail near Greenwater, Washington.”

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Gillis - 08/21/12 - 12:02pm

Hands down one of the best epic rides in the state. Starts with a fire road climb that will burn your legs off followed by an amazing decent littered with killer views of the cascades and Mt. Rainier just across the street. Also part of the (Hwy) 410 Triple-Crown that includes Suntop/Skookum and the Crystal Mtn. Loop.

Elliot - 08/22/12 - 2:05pm

That image has clearly been rotated a good 15 degrees…

Adam - 08/23/12 - 9:35am

Yeah, buddy!

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