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bikerumor monday mystery pic from first flight bicycles

Photo from the collection of Jeff Archer of First Flight Bicycles. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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Michael-Vittoria Shoes - 08/20/12 - 7:09am

Mavic Seatpost. Have one. Weighs a ton but amazingly strong.

Sean - 08/20/12 - 7:13am

Prototype one-bolt seatpost, but there are some details that don’t look quite right about the cradle.
On the upper part of the cradle, where I would expect a corresponding valley for the saddle rails, there’s a bump, which doesn’t make too much sense.
On the lower, there seems to be a vertical guide rail for the upper (to prevent twisting?) , which seems a bit odd also, as you get vertical alignment from the saddle rails themselves for free.

uglyyeti - 08/20/12 - 7:25am

Definitely Mavic.

Brett - 08/20/12 - 8:04am

It’s pronounced Mabbic.

yeah right - 08/20/12 - 11:37am

That, good sir, is a seatpost… WIN!!!

Moove - 08/20/12 - 11:58am

Mavic seatpost from around 1990 when they also made their first indexed derailleur systems. Maybe even an MTB post?

Tony - 08/20/12 - 12:35pm

Viva Mavic Seatpost!! Viva LeMond Mountain bikes!

ssc fan - 08/20/12 - 2:32pm

yep, mavic. the clamp was made by, or was an identical copy of, the last iteration of the simplex seatpost:

Tonga - 08/20/12 - 11:20pm

That is a Mavic 330 Seatpost. It sold for about $90. It weighed a ton, but a very solid seatpost.

Kristibee - 08/21/12 - 8:43am

You guys got it – answer from Jeff at First Flight Bicycles: “Mavic seat post”

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