Video Teaser: A Ride In The Woods – Ultralight Bike-Packing Adventure

Brian from Raleigh sent this over (they’re a sponsor), it’s a teaser for an upcoming three-part video series about ultralight bike-packing and camping. You know, the kind of stuff we all dream about doing. We’re digging it just to see what sort of gear they’ll be rockin…


Sour Mash - 08/15/12 - 3:56pm

Why does a bike ride have to be about selling gear? Why does a bike adventure video have to be about selling gear?

Maybe you should try riding your bike more, and dreaming about trinkets and upgrades a little less.

You can do a “bikepacking” trip with whatever you presently own. If you lack the imagination to make it work, maybe you shouldn’t be considering “bikepacking.” Maybe you should just sit back and write your fantasies on a blog page.

Psi Squared - 08/15/12 - 9:26pm

@Sour Mash: if you’d actually read the blurb above, you’d see that it was a sponsored ride. Sponsors generally want something in return: publicity. Now, let’s strain a bit and try to think up what’s a hot medium in sports right now that athletes and companies are using to get the word out? That’s right: it’s video. Now put the sponsorship thing together with video and you get…………I’ll give you time ‘cuz this prolly difficult…….

Ryan - 08/16/12 - 8:30pm

I’m going on a weeklong MTB trip in Oct, so looking forward to what’s in the bag!

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