New Niner Bikes Coming – Sorry Miss Jackson, Just a Teaser Video

Sooo…we’ve already tried freezing every frame, and there’s nothing that gives away anything. We’ve talked to them, and all we’re allowed to say is that they’ll have different things to show (all new) at both Eurobike and Interbike, giving us all the more reason to attend both shows. If you’re a Niner fan, we’ll bet you can guess what one of them is, leave a comment. Maybe we’ll have a little something to give away to the first person with a correct response.


Will - 08/13/12 - 8:24pm

Carbon WFO

Will - 08/13/12 - 8:25pm

or Carbon Rip…only 2 things it can be.

Jason - 08/13/12 - 8:39pm

Rip rdo.

Brandon - 08/13/12 - 8:53pm

Carbon Rip 9 (will only gets one guess)

Jay Darby - 08/13/12 - 9:29pm

A redesigned non-carbon W.F.O. !!!!

Michael - 08/13/12 - 9:47pm

I should stake that trail. 5 min from my house in Ft Collins

ben - 08/13/12 - 10:20pm

29er all mountain…….perhaps hardtail?

Fattire - 08/13/12 - 10:27pm

new fork

MissedThePoint - 08/13/12 - 10:28pm

I would’ve guessed carbon RIP9 as well.

Not sure what other model they could make. Could they possibly be moving into CX? It’s technically 29er, if you put fatter tires on their wheels. Maybe a hybrid/commuter? Maybe a “fat bike”?

chessclubloser - 08/13/12 - 10:43pm

My money’s on carbon RIP for sure!

Chris - 08/13/12 - 10:52pm


Jake - 08/13/12 - 10:59pm

All I’m looking for is a bike that doesn’t creak…

Lisa - 08/13/12 - 11:03pm

Is it a fat tire bike?

fanboy - 08/13/12 - 11:09pm

how about a carbon, 29+ fatbike (like the Surly Krampus?)

PB - 08/13/12 - 11:14pm

I smell a 750B

PB - 08/13/12 - 11:16pm

A 650B a 650! damn fat fingers!

mike - 08/13/12 - 11:31pm

my money is on a 29er.

dave - 08/13/12 - 11:51pm

dirt jumper.

Muzzanic - 08/13/12 - 11:59pm

Green Niner sox’s

Jim - 08/14/12 - 12:00am

A 650B?

Gil - 08/14/12 - 12:13am

I don’t think it looks like a salsa Fargo type, but it sure would be nice to see niner come up with a touring frame.

Drew - 08/14/12 - 12:16am

Just to throw us all…a 26er…

logic - 08/14/12 - 2:21am

carbon tandem belt drive single speed with Rohloff Hub, front wheel 29’er, rear wheel 650b, dropper post for the stoker.

Jason - 08/14/12 - 6:16am

Posted this before, and it was deleted?

Rip Rdo

29only - 08/14/12 - 7:35am

142 X 12mm Rear Axles on all bikes, AL 100mm Jet9, new colors and geometry changes

Tommy - 08/14/12 - 7:47am

Jeesh… the obvious. All new aluminum Jet 9. 100mm of travel like the Jet 9 rdo

aaron jobe - 08/14/12 - 9:15am


MTBCaveman - 08/14/12 - 9:57am

hardtail Rip9. . .

Randy Boy - 08/14/12 - 11:42am

Titanium AIR 9. Long overdue.

Randy Boy - 08/14/12 - 11:43am

Niner RDO carbon tubeless rims.

Ron - 08/14/12 - 12:23pm

Rip rdo for sure to give a fight to tallboy lt

Ryan - 08/14/12 - 1:26pm

Carbon SIR9….wait…nevermind :)

Anello Grande - 08/14/12 - 2:25pm

29er road bike.

Niko - 08/14/12 - 3:16pm

Redesigned Jet RDO. Why not, no one has guessed that yet.

Rob Hutch - 08/14/12 - 3:55pm

I say a TI niner

Jethro - 08/14/12 - 4:29pm


Niko - 08/14/12 - 5:58pm

Redesigned Jet RDO. More likely a RIP carbon, I see a rear linkage in the video.

Chris - 08/14/12 - 7:23pm

Aluminum complement to the JET RDO (basically a first generation RIP, which in my opinion, is the perfect bike). I love my first generation RIP.

ThinkBikeminded - 08/15/12 - 10:37am

RIP 9 RDO with through-axle rear dropouts standard.

rwitte - 08/17/12 - 10:45am

The other new bike being a One 9 RDO with a new rocker dropout. A guess and a wish!

Throttlemire - 08/27/12 - 3:14pm

I’m hoping for a Carbon Rip9/WFO hybrid. Maybe something with adjustable travel and head angle, but I’m guessing carbon Rip9 – what took them so long?

Pieterp - 09/05/12 - 2:28pm

Hoping for a hardtail RIP9 or all mountain/trail/enduro hardtail, similar to Kona Honzo/Taro…

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