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Today’s Monday Mystery Pic is a special one. This Campagnolo long cage rear dérailleur has been submitted by a reader who has not been able to identify the model – even after consulting with the folks at Oschner USA. Here’s the info so far:

“The design, gray pulleys and name etching leads one to think it is a late 80’s model, but is not from an OR group… If someone replies with models such as Rallye, Icarus, Centaur or Record OR…notta, none of them. Oschner has ruled them out…they really are stumped. The real issue is the hanger bushing and tab….a mystery…not the standard set up but apparently correctly installed as it rests against the stop and pin locater is correct. The derailleur may have been made for a specific bike sold in Europe.”

Readers, any help on this? Please reply in the ‘comment’ section. More pics after the break.

bikerumor monday mystery pic

bikerumor monday mystery pic



brigand - 08/13/12 - 11:56am

looks like a der from their short MTB excursion, no idea abou the name

Fausto Fonzerelli - 08/13/12 - 12:06pm

Are you sure the derailleur cage is original to that derailleur?

Gillis - 08/13/12 - 12:18pm

my immediate guess before reading was Centuar or Record OR. Now I’m guessing it’s some kind of special make tandem or touring variation.

Jacob - 08/13/12 - 12:34pm

Could it be a long cage Euclid variation?

Alberto - 08/13/12 - 12:56pm

Campagnolo Olympus?

Johnny - 08/13/12 - 12:59pm

Looks like a later model Rally derailleur. It has a very similar form, just more modern graphics and machining.

Patrick AKA Wiper - 08/13/12 - 1:09pm

i remember Campagnolo trying to venture in the Mountainbike components side of things and it looked like this and Came with some well designed Thumbshifters but no specific name arises !!!

Sean - 08/13/12 - 1:17pm

Are there any pictures of the limit screws?

I ask as I was taking a look at late 80s Euclid (, and they have traditional, on the outer plate of the parallelogram limit screws.

I’m thinking a a little bit older, looking at the pulley cage spring (it looks, shall we say, primitive). The parallelogram spring also looks odd – I’ve never seen it done that way before, even in older derailleurs I’ve only seen the cross-corner linear spring rather than the rotational spring there. The parallelogram plates too seem to indicate that it’s older. In the link, even on the Euclid from 1989, the plates are smooth and rounded, whereas these ones are more boxy (albeit smooth – it’s Campy, after all).

Good mystery here.

Paul Smith - 08/13/12 - 1:32pm

It looks like a third generation Rally. Before you dismiss it so quickly, check the listing at Velobase.

Chris - 08/13/12 - 1:53pm

There has been two mtb groups from Campa in 1988/89 named Centaur & Euclid. Have a look at Campys homepage, under company and then communication you’ll find the ads!

Mike - 08/13/12 - 3:07pm

Paul is right. 3rd gen Rally

Dukenz - 08/13/12 - 4:53pm

Looks like an early proto for XX1 😉 Seriously though has the large offset on the top pulley and could be a near horizontal parallelogram linkage.

Doug - 08/13/12 - 6:10pm

Possibly one of Spence Wolfs’ modded derailleurs to work with touring freewheels – or a similar mod by someone else. Spence was doing most of his in th sixties, so this might be inspired by his work.

Doug - 08/13/12 - 6:13pm

Actually, strike that. Closer inspection reveals a slant parallelogram. So post ’92?

Adam - 08/13/12 - 9:12pm

Euclid? Sure looks like the MTB grip they dabbled in….

BikeTart - 08/13/12 - 9:25pm

Not sure which Campag MTB group is on this, but it’s not the same – perhaps one to help eliminate options?!:

Gordo - 08/14/12 - 12:43am

Paul Smith has it right, 3450 Rally, 3rd generation.

Moatl - 08/14/12 - 3:27am

actually i got that on my PUCH Mistral (from 1988)

Pedal Pedlar - 08/14/12 - 4:06pm

Hi guys,

This is indeed a 3rd generation Rally rear mech, also known as ‘new rally’. It was the final edition of the Rally derailleur.

Beautiful piece of kit.

Kelly Green - 08/16/12 - 10:00pm

Greetings…I am the person who submitted the derailleur for identification. I appreciate the information provided and yes, it has been confirmed to be a Campagnolo 3450 third generation Rallye. My thanks to you all, particularly Paul Smith for the links, Pedal Pedlar for its website and Sean for the link to the tandem mountain bike photo…

Okay sports…now I will sell it as I have no desire to build and ride a mountain bike tandem, nor do I have a drop out designed for the derailleur. If anyone is interested in purchasing it, my email is:

Cheers! kg

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