Wheels Manufacturing Mountain Bike Hubs Coming This Fall?

wheels manufacturing J28 mountain bike hubs

We spotted these last year at Interbike with word they’d be released in the Spring.

Well, Spring has sprung and Wheels Manufacturing’s website is now saying “available Fall 2012.” Full tech details and hands on photos are in the original post, and pricing is set at $295 for the rear, $135 front. Axles will be convertible from standard QR to 142×12 (rear) and 15/20mm thru axle (front).

Hat tip to Dan for the heads up!


lalahsghost - 08/12/12 - 10:23am

Hey! I’ve seen those on Deal Extreme and Alibaba/Aliexpress.

Sevo - 08/12/12 - 1:11pm

made in colorado? sign me up!

greg - 08/12/12 - 8:35pm

lalah, wheelsmfg makes these in-house. i believe the internals will be the similar or the same as the very highly regarded alchemy road hubs, which i think wheelsmfg makes as well. if i wasnt so weight obsessed, id definitely rock em.

michael - 08/12/12 - 9:12pm

These look like Industry 9 hubs

Alex - 08/13/12 - 2:08pm

Wheels Mfg has a very nice manufacturing facility in Louisville, CO were they make everything. No chinese Deal Extreme/Alibaba hubs here.

Sure they look like other hubs out there, they are bike hubs and have to have many of the common traits all hubs do – spoke flanges, disk brake flanges, free hub body, etc. The difference is really about what’s happening inside along with flange geometry. Knowing the guys at Wheels (and I do) I’d bet these are going to be rock solid and super high quality.

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