Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: On the Road To Mount Bachelor

Photo submitted by Kelly Aicher, “A beautiful July ride from Sunriver, OR, to Mount Bachelor.”

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Nivlac - 08/10/12 - 2:31pm

KING of the dentists!

Chipollini - 08/10/12 - 3:07pm

Someone spent a lot of cash on their bike… the bontrager tires seem cheesy.

IJBCape - 08/10/12 - 5:06pm

The world is in a sorry state of insecurity when broke guys justify their shit bikes by ragging on nice bikes.

rosey - 08/10/12 - 5:14pm

ha, i thought it was a schwinn until i looked closer. that’s a bad paint scheme.

Chis - 08/10/12 - 7:16pm

It’s a nice bike but the paint job and design scheme leave something to be desired. I get what they were probably going for but they just went too far with it. When it comes to design restraint can be a good thing.

Kelly - 08/10/12 - 7:37pm

As far as the tires are concerned, I started with Vittoria CX, went to Conti GP 4000S, and decided to try something different. The Bontrager tires ride just as good as the Contis so far (lighter too). The idea behind the paint scheme was a retro-classic look on the rear (like a classic steel bike with Mercian font) with a peeling-back paint effect. it is really well done if you see it up-close.

Bahstonbikah - 08/10/12 - 9:53pm

I dig it. The peel-back paint effect w/ retro font is very cool. Parlee does some great custom work.

E-Luv - 08/11/12 - 12:25am

It seems that every venue digresses to vulgar insults. Sad state of affairs. You rock Burgle!

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