Planet Bike Adds Two-Pack 25g Threaded CO2 Cartridge, Doubles Your Pressure

File under small news: Planet Bike’s 25g CO2 cartridge now comes in two-packs, saving you a bit of change if you need a couple oversized inflators. The 25g cartridge claims to fill a 29er mountain bike tire to 45psi and a cyclocross tire to 80psi. Yes, that’s a lot of air. Er, carbon dioxide. Available now on their website.


IJBCape - 08/08/12 - 10:58pm

Gas depot.

Matt M. - 08/13/12 - 1:25pm

For $6.50 per cartridge (in a 2 pack) I’ll pass… How do they justify the exponential cost increase everytime there is a different size manufactured?

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