2013 Raleigh Mountain Bikes – Photos, Details & Weights

2013 Raleigh Talus carbon 29er hardtail mountain bike

Before we get into specifics, let’s just get it out there that Raleigh is working on a full suspension mountain bike. As mentioned in the overview of their 2013 road bikes, the additional resources afforded by their acquisition by Accell are letting them make a bigger push on the mountain bike side later in the year with their first full suspension model. It’ll be alloy at first and use a modified Knucklebox design borrowed from sister company Diamondback.

In the meantime, like the road bikes, all mountain bikes that were BB30 are now PFBB30.

The Talus Carbon 29 hardtails get a thru axle rear end, which several dealers that rode it said really increased the stiffness. Pro model (above) gets an ENVE cockpit, and they’re now using the Easton alloy EA90XC wheels (had the carbon ones last year, this change doesn’t add much weight but offsets the price bump for the ENVE parts).

Alloy models start to get the same changes, and the steel XXIX singlespeed model gets a fancy new drivetrain…

2013 Raleigh Talus carbon 29er hardtail mountain bike

Layup in the rear triangle changed a bit to beef up the area around the axle. Still uses Raleigh’s Direct Connect construction, which means each tube is molded and shaped individually, then put together. This lets them tune the layup at each joint to get the stiffness or compliance they want.

2013 Raleigh Talus carbon 29er hardtail mountain bike

With Fox Float 29 CTD fork it’s $7,000. Complete bike weight is 20lb 15oz, a little more than a pound lighter than last year’s top model.

2013 Raleigh Talus alloy 29er hardtail mountain bike

Talus 29 Alloy gets redesigned with a tapered headtube all the way down the line.

2013 Raleigh Talus alloy 29er hardtail mountain bike

The top Elite model gets a thru axle rear end, a feature likely to trickle down quickly. Rear triangle gets much more shapely with curved and hydroformed tubes. Complete bike weight is 27lb 5oz.

2013 Raleigh Eva alloy womens 29er hardtail mountain bike

Women’s bikes get same new rear triangle, but aren’t quite up to the same thru-axle spec. Yet. Complete bike at this level is 30lb 11oz, and men’s versions mimic the specs, just a different frame with lower stand over height and revised geometry for women.

2013 Raleigh XXIX steel singlespeed 29er hardtail mountain bike

Steel XXIX hardtail singlespeed 29er gets upgraded to CenterTrack Gates Belt Drive and now uses a standard 10 speed hub with spacers, making it easier to swap to a geared setup.

2013 Raleigh XXIX steel singlespeed 29er hardtail mountain bike

Bottom bracket change from regular eccentric to a PressFit 30 EBB.

2013 Raleigh XXIX steel singlespeed 29er hardtail mountain bike

Apparently the dropouts are so awesome they made the camera shake. Complete bike weight is 27lb 6oz.

2013 Raleigh 29er hardtail mountain bike overview

A glance at the lineup. Women’s bikes above, men’s below.

2013 Raleigh 29er hardtail mountain bike overview


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Sam - 08/01/12 - 8:42pm

Am I missing something here? How will it be Raleigh’s first full-suspension mountain bike? What about the Raleigh Ram 1/2/3.0 series during the early-mid 2000’s?

Sally - 08/01/12 - 10:17pm

@sam It’ll be the first full Suspension Bike we’ve done in a very long time. So long in fact…it’s almost like it would be our first full suspension rig considering how far they’ve come along. (but yes….the RAM, Phase, etc we all Raleigh Full Sus bikes)

Gilhooley - 08/02/12 - 4:17am

So, new year, new carbon catalog frame for Raleigh. This time same as Foundry Broadaxe.
At least Foundry frame has 10-year warranty.

Dirtyonethirty - 08/02/12 - 8:40pm

Will there be a XXIX+G this year?

thatoneguy - 08/03/12 - 4:41pm

@Dirtyonethirty: yes:

aj - 08/07/12 - 11:54pm

That’s not a Foundry Broadaxe. It has very similar dropouts but that’s it. Beyond that it is completely different. Cables run totally different. Geometry different, chainstays totally different behind b.b.. top tube to head tube junction totally different. If you don’t like Raleigh that’s just fine but doesn’t make you right. Not sure where you think Foundry gets their frames but they don’t whip em up themselves.

aj - 08/07/12 - 11:59pm

you might want to get your design dates straight first too since this bike came out before the foundry. They just modified the dropouts this year and went to pfbb other wise it debuted @ interbike 2011.

Ts - 10/01/12 - 9:37pm

What is the weight of the talus comp 29er ?

Bob - 04/07/13 - 6:02pm

Hi people.
I live in Canada and bought a Raleigh dual suspension bike at “Walmart”.
It’s their lower end line, judging by the bikes I see here. It’s the only place I see it being sold.
It’s the “Raleigh 26″ Tarantula”. I’m 63 and have been riding since 13, summer and winter, and
this is the most comfortable I’ve ever had.

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