Schwalbe Upgrades Entry Level Tires w/ Puncture Protection, Adds Limited Edition London Treads

To celebrate the London 2012 Olympics, Schwalbe is releasing a limited edition of three popular urban tires with a reflective “London” printed on the sidewalls flanked by two iconic skyline scenes. These will be available in a range of sizes on the Marathon Plus, Marathon Plus ATB and Durathon Plus. They’ll only be available in their London area UK retailers, not online.

For those on a budget but still looking for a tough tire, they’ll have a massive array of options with improved puncture protection. BikeBiz is reporting the Rapid Rob, Black Jack, Black Shark, Space, Mad Mike, Spicer, City Jet, Citizen, Delta Cruiser,Road Cruiser, Silento, Tyrago, Land Cruiser, Lugano and Various ‘HS’ tires all get a Kevlar puncture protection belt upgrade without raising the prices on those tires. These changes should be worldwide.


Chris S. - 07/31/12 - 5:01pm

Funny how that tread looks exactly like the Specialized Hemisphere…..

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