Full Length Trailer: Red Bull’s Where the Trail Ends Mountain Bike Video

FROM RED BULL: The much anticipated full length trailer for ‘Where The Trail Ends‘ is here! The most progressive and ambitious mountain biking ever attempted caught on film in an adventure unlike anything experienced before in breath-taking locations all over the world.


Xris - 07/31/12 - 11:20pm

Balls of titanium.

Who - 07/31/12 - 11:24pm

Great. How much fuel can you consume on your high horse, endless resource entitlement, video escapades? This is So far from the average or even gnarly bro brah mtn biker experience. Why don’t you use all the money burned on fuel and feed the starving or strengthen community trail access. At some point you will wake up. Just say NO to Core-Ha Shuttlgypsies and climb for your descents proximal to where you Reside!

Epic29er - 07/31/12 - 11:29pm

dood, thats off the f-hook

satisFACTORYrider - 08/01/12 - 8:35am

Someone climbed a long way to get to their pulpit

off-roadie - 08/01/12 - 9:52am

This would be cool if it was just some dudes doing crazy stuff on bikes. However, I don’t care to hear some entitled hipster give his philosophy on mountain biking (especially when its “all about exploring”, but he is being hauled around in a helicopter). Also, I really don’t care if you had to eat yak meat; the people that live there are probably pretty pleased to have it.

Not that you guys should care. I’m just a dirt-fred and my opinion probably isn’t worth any more than that of an entitled hipster.

Jake - 08/01/12 - 11:41am

There are those that can and do and there are those that bitch and don’t.

silverlining - 08/01/12 - 1:47pm

Same stunts, different dirt. Red Bull has deep pockets. Waiting for them to “shred” Antarctica in part two.

Caliente - 08/01/12 - 2:47pm

That quote about being in the center of the middle of nowhere is terrible. They couldnt think of anything else?

Quotes aside, rad trailer. It reminds me of what Warren Miller ski movies have become.

Will it bring more interest to the sport? Maybe.
Do I want to watch these bros huck their meat? Hell yes.

same but different - 08/01/12 - 8:52pm

this is “The Art of Flight” remake but on bikes.

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