2013 Raleigh Road, Triathlon & Cyclocross Bikes – Photos, Specs & Weights

2013 Raleigh Singulus triathlon bike could be the perfect bike for beginner triathletes

For 2013, Raleigh has made minor but significant updates to their Militus, Revenio and Capri road bikes, and we’ll get to those. But the real surprise is the Singulus, an incredibly well spec’d, lightweight alloy triathlon bike that signals their entry into more markets and their continued delivery of bikes that bring excellent spec at really, really good prices.

Brian Fornes, Raleigh’s marketing manager, says the new resources coming from their recent acquisition by Accell, is letting them do some pretty amazing things. The Singulus is a great example of that. Raleigh’s been getting behind more “cause” events like MS rides and Ride for the Cure, and this gives them a bike to put under riders on the Danskin series and others.

The frame gets almost all hydroformed tubes for a smooth aero shape, aided by internal cable routing. Given the price point and audience, they didn’t subject this model to the wind tunnel (though Fornes said this is just the beginning). Even so, the downtube, seat tube and seatstays are all tear drop shaped.

More on this, plus the road bikes and a weigh in for the cyclocross bikes they introduced at Sea Otter, below. Mountain bikes are over here

2013 Raleigh Singulus triathlon bike could be the perfect bike for beginner triathletes

2013 Raleigh Singulus triathlon bike could be the perfect bike for beginner triathletes

The Singulus will be available in two colors using the same frame and spec – SRAM Apex and FSA bits with Avenir house brand cockpit.

2013 Raleigh Singulus triathlon bike could be the perfect bike for beginner triathletes

Little aero touches like the seatpost binder bolts and tear drop shaped seatpost make the bike look more expensive.

2013 Raleigh Singulus triathlon bike could be the perfect bike for beginner triathletes

Fork is carbon with an alloy steerer. Retail should be about $1,500, and at just over 20 pounds for the complete bike, it’s highly upgradeable launchpad for beginner triathletes.


2013 Raleigh Militis carbon fiber racing road bike

The Militis is their top end racing road bike. The frame stays mostly the same with a one-piece monocoque head- and downtube with Direct Connect construction elsewhere. This, and all other BB30 road bikes, switch to PFBB30. All models use the same ~880g (average) frame, only spec changes across the line. Also, all carbon road bikes also get a carbon sleeve molded into the frame for internal cables, letting you or your favorite shop wrench thread the cable directly through the frame without having to pack a lure.

2013 Raleigh Militis carbon fiber racing road bike

2013 Raleigh Militis carbon fiber racing road bike

The Militis3 top model gets full Dura-Ace 9000 and retails for $7,000. Complete bike weight is 15lb 1oz, but this is with “fake” non-rideable samples of the new Dura-Ace levers, so expect the actual bike to be maybe an ounce heavier.

2013 Raleigh Revenio endurance road bikes get Ultegra Di2 upgrade and come in carbon and alloy frames

Revenio is their endurance road bike and gets a Di2 specific model for 2013. It uses a standard threaded bottom bracket and will only have Shimano spec all the way down through both carbon fiber and alloy models.

2013 Raleigh Revenio endurance road bikes get Ultegra Di2 upgrade and come in carbon and alloy frames

Top model is now the Revenio 4.0 with Ultegra Di2, above. Flattened stays help give it a bit of compliance. Complete bike weight is 17lb 9oz.

2013 Raleigh Capri womens endurance alloy road bike matches the mens Revenio in features and specs

Women’s version is the Capri and shares the same spec as the Revenio line including the new Ultegra Di2 4.0 model. Sizing goes all the way down to a 45 with 700c wheels, and they’re also available in carbon and alloy.

2013 Raleigh Capri womens endurance alloy road bike matches the mens Revenio in features and specs


2013 Raleigh Cyclocross bike lineup

Raleigh’s 2013 cyclocross bike lineup was unveiled at Sea Otter Classic, full coverage here. Above is the complete lineup with the higher end models in the foreground and less expensive ones in the second row. Back row are Capri road bikes.

2013 Raleigh RCX Pro disc and cantilever cyclocross bike actual weights

The carbon fiber RCX Pro is the top model and is available in either cantilever (left, 17lb 2oz) and disc (19lb 1oz).

2013 Raleigh RX10 and RX20 disc and cantilever cyclocross bike actual weights

Below that is the RX 2.0 Disc (23lb 1oz) and RX 1.0 Canti (20lb 13oz), both with alloy frames.


Sevo - 07/31/12 - 12:16pm

Raleigh=Coming back strong.

It’s nice to see Raleigh resurrecting themselves from a previously unproductive path. If I opened a shop tomorrow, I’d make Raleigh one of my brands ASAP. Really like their stuff.

Pattersnap - 07/31/12 - 12:25pm

Brian Fornes = Gun Show

John Degnan - 07/31/12 - 12:44pm

What about the Landlord Series – Furley, Roper, and Tripper?

pmurf - 07/31/12 - 12:45pm

As a former mechanic, I’m loving the cable sleeve integration. At 880g, it doesn’t sound like they sacrificed much in the weight dept. to do that. I really wish others would start taking note.

Red House Bikes - 07/31/12 - 1:03pm

We opened up our shop in October 2011 and just added Raleigh this spring to be our go to road, cx and commuter series line of bikes. Really impressed with the quality of their stuff. Not to mention they are great to work with. One phone call and two weeks later we had the Raleigh Demo truck coming to town to set up at the shop and show off the new goods!

Louis - 07/31/12 - 2:33pm

Their CX bikes always look so nice. I’m salivating over the RCX Pro Disc.

Speedy - 07/31/12 - 2:47pm

They have really stepped it up the past few years. Also, Raleigh is showing much nicer paint work / graphics ! Really liking these.

Louis - 07/31/12 - 2:58pm

For those that are interested, it appears that the 2013 lineup is now on Raleigh’s site (also includes the aforementioned Landlord series).

Thansk Raleigh for releasing your site at the same time that the news hit the press. I’m so sick of reading news stories about 2013 bikes that are already arriving, yet the websites won’t be updated for months.

John Degnan - 07/31/12 - 3:00pm

@Louis Thanks a bunch for the tip! The 2013 line looks stellar!

Brandon - 07/31/12 - 3:05pm

Since when do articles get published without a flurry of smart-ass comments?! These bikes must really be that good, which is awesome news!

Chipollini - 07/31/12 - 3:25pm

Yeah Raleigh! I think I’m going to get a Furley for cross, single speed, commute and tour capabilities.

Chip - 07/31/12 - 3:55pm

I had to wait a while, maybe 3 months, for my Roper. They were sold out.

Brian - 07/31/12 - 5:59pm


Tropt - 07/31/12 - 7:05pm

A full line and not a model in sight in the black/red/white color scheme. Beautiful.

Note that disc models run roughly 2 pounds heavier than canti’s. Worth it?

Speedy - 07/31/12 - 7:13pm

@Tropt – having a full disc carbon cross bike form another maker, and a lightweight cross bike with canti’s as well, I would say YES! They just work so much better. That said, I’m so slow off road I’m not sure I would ever notice the added weight ha ha.

Gilsea - 07/31/12 - 7:34pm

Bikes look great, but I think Sally has his finger on the scale!

Sally - 07/31/12 - 8:51pm

@pattersnap Suns out…Guns Out
@Gilsea What picture don’t show are my stupid cyclist Tyranasaur arms trembling…even with a 15lb bike on the scale.
@Tropt The weight will drop once better parts become available. We’re still in the early stages of Disc CX.

Justin - 08/01/12 - 12:33am


Loved Raleigh in the 90s as they always stood behind their Technium bikes, they lost their way for awhile but seem to be back in a big way. Will definitely consider one of their CX bikes.

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Regina - 10/23/12 - 10:21am

What size bikes did you weigh? Specifically interested in the RX 2.0. Thanks.

Tyler (Editor) - 10/23/12 - 5:18pm

Regina – all bikes were in the medium-to-large range, not sure of specifics for each one. Most brands bring just one size of each model to tradeshows like this, so all bikes weighed would generally be the same size unless we’re pulling from a demo fleet where they have a range to fit different folks. In that case, we try to weigh all Larges, but it really comes down to what’s available when we’re there.

Jamie - 11/02/12 - 10:01pm

I really agree with some of the comments, personally, I really love Raleigh bikes, I own a 2011 rx 1.0, and a 2011 Team. I have not been disappointed in any of their products, and being that my local bike shop knows the rep real well, service is fantastic. The only thing I changed on my rx was the wheel set to some Mavs, and the Team, since was equipped with full sram red, I changed nothing.

Gino - 12/19/12 - 10:02pm

looks like they have dropped the “steel” road models?

I don’t like the CX bikes ‘cuz they use a high BB, other manufacturers seem to now go with a similar height to a “road” bike… which I think I would prefer… as I’d want one for road use… mostly.

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