2013 Bianchi Vertigo C2C Endurance Bikes Let You & Your Dollars Ride Farther


Bianchi is bringing Italian design and long distance comfort to a more competitive price point with the new C2C Vertigo.

The Vertigo gets a carbon fiber frame designed to take up a bit of the road’s flak and offer a comfortable ride over many hours. While specs and frame details are a bit short at the moment, their C2C (Coast 2 Coast) bikes generally have a bit more relaxed geometry, taller head tube and longer wheelbase.

The Vertigo will get two specs at launch, the Campagnolo Veloce shown above with their trademark Celeste green for $2,399, and a Shimano 105 built with Shimano wheels for just $1,999. Click through to grab an eyeful of that one…


Both will be available in late Fall and make their formal debut at the tradeshows (Eurobike / Interbike).


Rick - 07/31/12 - 10:53am

Vertigo? Afraid of heights? Obviously, not a climbers bike….

Pancakes - 07/31/12 - 1:27pm

More dizziness than a fear of heights, could make descents tricky.

RT - 07/31/12 - 5:33pm

is the Vertigo the line below the Infinito? or is it replacing the Infinito line?

TW - 08/15/12 - 8:06pm

I have 3 Bianchi bikes, C2C ‘Centaur’, B4P ‘Sempre’ & C2Cv ‘Via Nirone7’. I once owned a Bianchi C2C ‘Veloce’ and it was a smooth running bike. I assume the ‘Vertigo’ will follow with this reputation. It’s a nice looking bike (celeste) too, so I think it will have a lot of appeal to the shopper. I am sure the Vertigo will not measure up to the ‘Centaur’ (my dream bike) or the ‘Sempre’, but you get what you pay for. For a mid-price entry I think buyers will get a good ride from this model, with the Veloce components.

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