Clement Adds First 29er Mountain Bike Tire, Shows Prototype Cyclocross Tread


Clement Tires showed off their upcoming XC LXV 29×2.1, their first mountain bike tire. It follows their airport code naming scheme, with LXV referring to Leadville,CO.

Tread pattern designed with Ryan Trebon and has low knob height like the rest of their tires. They’ll offer a 60tpi and 120tpi at $50 and $75. By Interbike, they’ll have a 650B size, too.

Oh, and it’s light…


483g for the 60tpi model, they say the 120tpi is lighter.

They say you can run their tires tubeless with Stan’s sealant, they just don’t advertise it.


New ‘cross tire coming in September as a clincher and tubular. The MXP (Milan) tread has a tread inspired by the old Grifo (Italian for Griffin) tire but splits the center tread into small, closely spaced blocks. Side knobs are no longer circular, getting a round 3-pronged shape like a soccer cleat.

They’ll be $50 for clincher and $130 for tubular. All of their tubulars come with precoated sidewalls to improve longevity and have a vulcanized tube on the inside to work better with sealant, which they also sell.


X’Plor MSO (Missoula, MT) is a 700×40 gravel road tire made for adventure riding and racing. They’re developing a 45 width to make races like the Dirty Kanza a little more bearable.

For road, they have the 23, 25 and 28 width Strada tire (not shown).


Devian Gilbert - 07/28/12 - 8:30pm

LVX: my next set of tyres!

weaksauce - 07/28/12 - 10:40pm

29ers and cyclocross… so trendy.

dhbomber - 07/28/12 - 11:46pm

650b soon?

Rorschach - 07/29/12 - 1:00am

what about my gravel bike?..I need new tires for that…

ChadQuest - 07/29/12 - 1:37am

Rorschach, the MSO & USH tires are great for gravel.

martini - 07/29/12 - 3:00pm


feg - 08/02/12 - 4:06pm

I’ve been using the very inexpensive conti cross speed 700×40 tires for the last 8 months, on and off road, and i love them. glad to see another mild knobby tire (MSO) in this size, hope for more. I wonder when the MSO will be available and at what price? and wire or kevlar bead?

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