Spotted: New Banshee 26″ Long Travel Bike

prototype banshee rune mountain bike

Images of this bright new Banshee prototype have recently surfaced on the interwebz. They appear to show a new 26″ bike utilizing the North Vancouver based company’s KS Link suspension system, which was first seen on their 130mm travel Prime 29r. The new KS Link runs on bearings rather than the sometimes problematic bushings used in their current VF4B suspension system. The shock is actuated by the seat stays which results in minimal rotation at the DU bush & a reportedly very plush suspension feel.

The length of the shock & the Fox 36 fork in the photo suggests that this an aggressive all mountain rig – and may replace their current 6″ rig, the Rune. The rear dropouts appear to be interchangeable for different axle standards & we hear rumours of a 650B option. They also appear to offer adjustable geometry possibly using flip chips to alter the head angle & BB height independently of the suspension. At the front end appears to be a 44-56mm tapered head tube to allow the use of an angleset headset or zero stack lower cups even with a tapered steerer tube.

Bonus instagram picture after the break. We’ll bring you more details as we hear them.

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Alex - 07/26/12 - 10:53am

So the Prime still isn’t available for sale but they’ve got this coming?

dhbomber - 07/26/12 - 12:08pm

Looks better than the rune IMO!

ccolagio - 07/26/12 - 4:15pm

YES! i have a banshee wildcard now and i love it. this is great company – i cant wait to replace my frame with this guy (assuming the weight and geo are on par with the Rune) – looks great and banshee is an amazing company.

BT - 07/26/12 - 4:53pm

‘Sometimes problematic’…Ha! I guess this new design is evidence that their old bushing system was seriously flawed.

perttime - 07/30/12 - 4:52am

Apparently, the bushing system does require a few minutes of maintenance every once in a while.

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