Parlee Updates TT and Z5 Bikes – Both Now Di2/Mechanical in One, More


Combining the elements to run either mechanical or electronic groups is a growing trend, and Parlee has made the switch for both their TT (triathlon) and Z5 (road) bikes.

The updated version is called the TTi, and it gets a revised layup to make the rear end stiffer and a new fork with integrated TRP brakes. Cable routing is all internal, and the “i” designation in the name means it’s now Di2 / EPS compatible.

Price drops a bit, to $3,500 for frameset (frame, fork, headset, brakes and seatpost). Complete bikes start at $4,200 with Ultegra, a Profile alloy cockpit and Shimano RS20 wheels.

The original TT bike will still be available and will begin at $2,999 with 105. These frames are for mechanical drivetrains only, unless you wanna run the wires externally.


If you recall from our factory tour, Parlee makes a wide range of stock sizes for the Z5 and TT bikes, with a normal and tall version for each. The key difference is the extended headtube on the tall models, which means less spacers and angle on the stem to keep a sleeker look. This is the tall version of the TTi. (there’s an aero road bike in the works, look for that later in the year)




The stock sized Z5 models also get consolidated. There’s now a single Z5i (shown) that’s both mechanical and electronic compatible. All cables go internal, so no more cable stops, and it’s just a change in grommets that cover the holes in the frame to switch between cable housing and wires. Battery mount moves to the chainstay and fits both Di2 and EPS batteries. it comes with the ENVE 2.0 fork and alloy seat clamp and painted frame.

For the Z5 SLi, it gets the same mech/elec combo frame but uses the lighter ENVE 1.0 fork, titanium hardware and carbon seat clamp. Oh, and the sweet matte black/ghosted logo paint scheme from 2012.




Devin - 07/27/12 - 12:06am

Whoawhoawhoa. ACTUALLY no cable stops (as in, full length housing for mechanical derailleurs and brakes,) or just external cable stops with internal sleeves to guide the cable? In a way, either one of those is acceptable as long as the internal bends aren’t absurdly sharp.

ko1966 - 07/27/12 - 11:12am

What is the list price of the z5/sli this year?

Ben Corbalis-PARLEE Cycles - 07/27/12 - 11:30am

Full length housing for both brake and shifting.

Routing avoids sharp bends and allows for smooth shifting and braking with virtually no sacrifice in performance from our previous mechanical routing. The bike is optimized for electronic drivetrains however due to the growth in popularity of electronic drivetrains from both Shimano and Campagnolo.

Nivlac - 07/27/12 - 1:18pm

EDITOR: The SLi will have the ENVE 1.0 (lighter) and the Z5i will have the 2.0.

Lars - 07/27/12 - 2:57pm

Whats the 2013 standard color for the Z5i?

the_real_chubbs - 07/28/12 - 4:14pm

Can I have it custom painted to match my castelli members only retro track jacket?

GC3 - 10/03/12 - 6:35pm

I am so torqued that I bought the current SLi which DOESN’T have internal brake cabling. I asked back in April and they didn’t hint this was happening…can i trade mine in?

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