2013 BH Road, Cyclocross, Triathlon Bikes – New G6, Ultralight RC, Disc Cross & More!

2013 BH Bikes G6 Aero road bike

2013 marks the year with more new bikes from the Spanish brand than ever before. BH brings out new, replacement or trickle-down models for virtually the entire line. We’ve got photos and details on them all, plus actual weights for the complete bikes!

Above, G6 replaces the G5 and is now a full aero road bike. Before it was a normal frame with an aero seatmast. The biggest news is that it maintains the sub-900g frame weight and 325g fork of the G5 but gets a complete aero makeover. All tubes have an aero or Kammtail shape, but it’s meant to remain their best selling road bike.

Frame stiffness moves closer to their Ultralight, making it a race-worthy bike, but it keeps some compliance to appeal to normal riders.

2013 BH Bikes G6 Aero road bike

The complete bike comes in at 14lb 15oz with normal high end parts, no chi-chi bits just to impress the scale.

2013 BH Bikes G6 Aero road bike

Frame is both mechanical and electronic compatible.

2013 BH Bikes G6 Aero road bike

2013 BH Bikes G6 Aero road bike

Pricing will be $4,999 for Ultegra, $7,499 for SRAM Red with Reynolds Assault and $8,999 for SRAM Red with Zipp 404s. Top model will be the Dura-Ace Di2 but pricing isn’t set on that. Available September.


2013 BH Bikes Ultralight RC racing road bike

This replaces the RC1 and has the same mold as the Ultralight but with a different carbon layup. Lateral stiffness is within 5% of the Ultralight, but vertical compliance is “much greater, it’s a very smooth riding bicycle,” says Chris Cocalis, BH USA President. “It lets us get into new price points, we’re very excited about this bike.”

2013 BH Bikes Ultralight RC racing road bike

Frame weight is about 900g – 950g, up from the Ultralight’s 750g.

2013 BH Bikes Ultralight RC racing road bike

It gets internal cable routing and BB386EVO. Starts at $3,000 for a complete bike with 105 and goes up to $5,499 with Ultegra Di2. By comparison, the Ultralight darts at $7,999. Available September.


2013 BH Bikes Aero TT Triathlon bicycle prototype

The Aero is (likely) being raced by Eneko Llanos at the European Triathlon Championships this weekend. It’s a new TT/Triathlon bike that was designed in conjunction with top aerodynamicists (that they wanted to keep unnamed) that have worked on projects for Vision and Cervelo in the past. Seatpost goes from 74° to 81° and is the only part that’s not UCI compliant, so they’ll offer a second seatpost for sanctioned time trials.

2013 BH Bikes Aero TT Triathlon bicycle prototype

Rear brake mount have holes for both TRP direct pull brakes and Shimano’s new aero Dura-Ace brake. Those same mounts will work with Magura’s hydraulic RT8TT brakes. The fork is still being finalized and will also work with all brake models. Fairings will be supplied for use with the Shimano or Magura brakes to maximize aerodynamics.

2013 BH Bikes Aero TT Triathlon bicycle prototype

It’s designed around the BB386EVO, has all internal cable/wire routing and is both mechanical and electronic compatible.

2013 BH Bikes Aero TT Triathlon bicycle prototype

The front end is very low to provide good pro level positioning. Stem is designed to smooth air slow over the top of the bike in either position (+/- 10°). For non pros that want or need a taller front end, they’ll include ~40mm of spacers that are shaped like the headtube so you can put the stem higher without a tall stack of goofy looking round spacers.

Available early next year, this is a prototype.



Their Prisma endurance road bike gets a new Di2 specific frame with Ultegra Di2 at $4,499. Available in two weeks. Won’t have the cable guides on the downtube like on this one. Complete bike weight is 17lb 5oz.


2013 BH Bikes RX Team disc brake cyclocross bike

All new bike that Cocalis has been working on for a while. He tried to have it ready for last year but kept coming up with more ideas…and I could tell he was pretty excited about it. It has all new geometry – compared to the old RX with euro geometry (short cockpit, tall BB), this has more modern fit and a lower bottom bracket.

2013 BH Bikes RX Team disc brake cyclocross bike

The frame is designed to work equally well with cantilever brakes or disc brakes and, other than the disc post mounts, leave no trace that something’s missing when using one or the other. The seat collar has a removable brake hanger for the canti’s, and the canti mounts on the seatstays are flush with the frame. Remove the brakes and insert plugs and you have an almost seamless tube.

2013 BH Bikes RX Team disc brake cyclocross bike

2013 BH Bikes RX Team disc brake cyclocross bike

To accommodate both axle widths, it has swappable dropouts for 130mm or 135mm axle spacing. Canti version shown at left, notice the little silver bit between the frame and hub. On the right, the disc hub’s dropout is flush with the frame. Similar setup on the driveside.

2013 BH Bikes RX Team disc brake cyclocross bike

Mechanical and Di2 ready.

2013 BH Bikes RX Team disc brake cyclocross bike

$3,499 for the disc model, $3,199 for Canti. Disc bike comes with Stan’s tubeless wheels (you’ll have to figure out what tires you want to run tubeless though). Frameset is $2,299 and all bikes and Framsets come with all parts to run either brake setup. All will be available in a few weeks.

2013 BH Bikes RX Team disc brake cyclocross bike

The fork crown and upper legs are thick and wide to prevent brake chatter. Not visible here, it also has canti mounts, so one fork works with both brake types. Brake cable runs externally for disc, so when SRAM’s Red hydraulic disc setup finally come out, it’ll be easy to retrofit. Cocalis said that was the plan to offer a model with that spec, but it looks like they’re months out from releasing the Red hydraulics.

2013 BH Bikes RX Team disc brake cyclocross bike

Disc bike is 18lb 9oz and canti version is 17lb 14oz, so about 2/3 pound weight gain with discs.


Bill - 07/25/12 - 10:50am

Wonder what the minimum big chainring size is for that CX bike. The taper looks like the clamp on FD can’t move down too much more

Walt Downey - 07/25/12 - 10:52am

BH continues to offer technically advanced bikes that will benefit any cyclist! Chris Cocalis and company are engineering wizards!

Mike - 07/25/12 - 11:13am

Bummer about that FSA crank.

vectorbug - 07/25/12 - 12:46pm

Very unique gray black and red color schemes,

Louis - 07/25/12 - 3:08pm

I really like the G6.

The Tri bike is nice, but why did they leave the cables hanging out in the wind?

Haro - 07/25/12 - 5:11pm

Agree on the crank, not sure how anyone can use those. However, that is a rock solid line-up from top to bottom and I’d be happy to own several of several of those, well dun guys, really well dun.

yo eddy - 07/25/12 - 6:21pm

What’s wrong with FSA Cranks?

James - 07/26/12 - 12:08am

Is it that new FSA crank now on the G6 like they had on the Ultralight last year? No more BB30 or PressFit 30 on the G-series? That’s troublesome for power meter junkies not wanting to use that crank. :(

Mallory - 07/26/12 - 10:33pm

@James… Assuming your crank (SRM,Quark) is based on a 24mm spindle (Shimano, FSA use this, SRAM requires a specific N/D cup adaptor), BB386 works fine…You use the appropriate press in BB and roll. The only roadblock would be a BB30 specific crank (pretty rare)…In that case only a BB30 frame would work. This cross board compatibility makes BB386 the best of a confusing bunch (at this point).

James - 07/31/12 - 11:23pm

I’ve got a Rotor 3D+ crank. Will that work with this frame or is an adapter needed? I’m all confused about the BB386 specs.

Colin - 08/16/12 - 1:49pm

Yeah. If I want this frame I need to sell my bb30/pf30 Quarq and buy a GXP version to fit. I understand, I guess but a lot of bikes are bb30/pf30 so you’re hosing people who happen to have a 30mm quarq or any 30mm crankset that they want to use with this frame. Bummer but I guess the GXP version is easy to find on ebay so maybe a wash if I can sell mine.

Raymond Arnott - 01/06/13 - 5:08pm

Man oh man I really like that CX bike a lot. Looking for a new bike in the spring and will definitely try one out!

RustyGarage - 05/24/13 - 10:11am

The Disc Cyclocross is My Favorite, The Design of the Bike is very Sleek. Also the fact that it has Disc Brakes, is just too Sweet! Color Scheme on this one is not bad either. Thumbs Up over here!

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