Found: Leg Shield – Complete Pant Leg Protection


Leg Shield co-creators, Mark and Ron Lazaro, like many of us, commute via bicycle. After being dissatisfied with the run-of-the-mill options to keeping your pants legs clean and tear free, they decided to make their own solution.  They designed a neoprene gaiter dubbed the Leg Shield that covers the entire bottom of your pant leg and keeps it free from the chainring and chain.  The Leg Shield is easy to wear and remove with its three Velcro straps, and one size fits most, as the neoprene is stretchy.  On a hot summer day you will still find me with my pants legs rolled up to my knees, but come winter this would be a nice addition to my riding gear.  The Leg Shield retails for $17.95




Joel - 07/23/12 - 1:06am

I normally do the tight roll, but when the snow is really sloppy I use my Lizard Skin shin guards with the shanks pulled out just like this.

eric - 07/23/12 - 1:14am

does it come with a pocket protector?

Brett - 07/23/12 - 2:29am

So where do I get that awesome sweater?

Name - 07/24/12 - 10:09am

I think there’s another product out there that’s just like that. I think they call it a shin guard.

The Dude - 07/25/12 - 5:14pm

Hmmm… hot and sweaty right leg. And, my trousers are now wrinkled. Noooooo! Use a $2.99 leg band.

mark ifi - 08/02/12 - 3:54pm

i use electrical tape, it’s good.

Nigel Holly - 02/18/13 - 7:01pm

Sure, these are probably a little hot after awhile but my girlfriend freakin’ loved these cuz of the styles.

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