Louis Garneau Unveils Course Limited Edition Gear, Aero Helmet & Overly Dramatic Video

Louis Garneau has just introduced premium level Course Limited Edition clothing and helmets and, if you can get past the video, the articles themselves look pretty good.

It’s no secret aero is the new black, and their Course LE helmet should bring more “normal” riders into the aero camp than Giro’s new Aero Attack. There’s also some new shoes with dual BOA closures, lightly padded and sleek gloves and a snug looking bibshort and jersey combo. Click on through for detail photos…

Louis Garneau Course Limited Edition Aero Bicycle Helmet

We really liked LG’s X-Lite road helmet and Edge trail helmet, so we’re pretty excited about this one.

Louis Garneau Course Limited Edition Aero Bicycle Helmet

Details are light on what exactly makes the up the aero advantages on this (these are just computer renderings), but the ventilation gaps are massive and, well, it just looks good. If they pull off their usual combination of comfort, reasonable price and light weight, then any reduction in drag is just a pure bonus.

Louis Garneau Course Limited Edition Aero Bicycle Helmet

Louis Garneau Course Limited Edition lightweight road bike shoes

The new Course 2LS shoes have a lot of “new and improved” claims: Lighter, stiffer, more durable and more comfortable. They get a dual BOA closure, which should make adjustments fast and easy and, they say, improve pressure distribution so there are no tight spots.

Louis Garneau Course Limited Edition lightweight road bike shoes

Louis Garneau Course Limited Edition Aero Bicycle gloves

The Course LE gloves look like they might get the ColdBlack fabric on the top and solid coverage of the palm with a thin padding.

Louis Garneau Course Limited Edition Aero bibshorts and cycling jersey

Course LE clothing will be cut tight with lightweight materials, mesh side panels and (on the black ones) ColdBlack fabric to reflect the sun’s heat. We’ve got a request in for more details, pricing and availability and will update as we get it. In the meantime, you can check out more photos on their Pinterest page. (and if you’re a pinner, check out Bikerumor’s Pinterest, page, too!)


Meta - 07/22/12 - 4:03pm

Maybe Specialized can learn a thing or two from Garneau’s shoe design aesthetics!

Greg - 07/22/12 - 5:41pm

? Looks pretty much the same as the S-Works shoe.

LP - 07/22/12 - 6:30pm

I have to agree with Greg!

PaulCJr - 07/22/12 - 7:26pm

That has to be one of the worst videos I have ever seen. I expected way better.

Steph - 07/23/12 - 2:07pm

Nice job LG. Look great. It was the same product as what Europcar was wearing ?

Beta - 07/25/12 - 9:04am

I think the stuff looks great!
If I were superman I would wear a giant “S” on everything I owned.

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